Male Peacock Stolen from Beckley Club Estates While in the Midst of, um, Mating!

Peacocks of Beckley Estates

This is terrible: a man stole one of the beautiful wild peacocks that live and roam freely in Beckley Club Estates, a neighborhood of east Oak Cliff. Not only did he kidnap it, he grabbed the poor bird as the creature was in the middle of a mating ritual when he had unfurled his full plumage of feathers. Which is, of course, what male peacocks do when they are about to — um —  mate. The man then man-handled the poor frustrated cock, according to a report on NBC Channel 5, grabbing the animal by both it’s claws and thrusting him into a black SUV. This happened on Saturday, about 7 pm, according to witnesses in the neighborhood. Day before Easter.

Neighbor Tisha Crear said she saw the event, and rushed out of the house and yelled at the man, but could only watch as he drove off with half of the peacock’s feathers hanging out of the door.

Ms Crear said that she had heard peacocks screaming before the incident when the bird, the largest and oldest male peacock of those that live in the subdivision, was stolen, according to NBC Dallas.

Ms Solid called the theft and aggressive treatment of the bird animal cruelty.

The peacock stolen on Saturday evening was the largest and oldest male of the group, and a stream of peacocks ran after the car (a black Chevy Tahoe) screaming for their abducted mate. Ms. Crear says she will sit on the porch with a shotgun, if need be, to protect the peacocks. Pull up a chair, I’ll join you!

Beckley Estates is well known to be home to a large flock of peacocks that roam the neighborhood free as, well, birds. They mate in the spring, and their mating call sounds rather like a human scream. The peacocks have been part of the charm of this neighborhood for almost 20 years, though two years ago the neighborhood thought the City of Dallas was abducting the birds. Years ago a Beckley resident bought two peafowl and other wild birds, and the whole community feeds and looks after the beautiful creatures. Here is a typical Beckley estates home we wrote about a few moons ago: 1511 Seevers Avenue. $260,000.


The suspect has been described as a Hispanic man wearing a white T-shirt and a baseball cap. The surveillance video also captured images of his black Chevrolet Tahoe. Hope they got the plates. I swear, we need cameras on our homes 24/7. I hope that man doesn’t hurt that poor bird because if I ever get my hands on him… he will be missing two vital parts of his anatomy and wish he had never touched those feathers…