Devonshire Builder’s Home is Unlisted but Oh So Available…

5735 Stanford exterior We want to share our inside scoop SO we are going to treat you to to an UNLISTED property every week here on Recall the cool new website for Realtors, only, where the hottest agents in town are posting all their hip pocket listings? Just like the private Facebook groups, The Unlisted is overflowing with gorgeous properties. We are up to our eyeballs covering the listed stuff daily, and all the news, but if you are in the market for a home, we know how you like to see everything! Turn up every stone! We’ll skim the surface, show you a few pics. Holler at us in the comments (or email) if you’d like to get hooked up with the (secret!) agent.

5735 Stanford family
This is the perfect Devonshire home about three houses from Eastern Ave. Fully rebuilt and expanded by LRO Residential, Les Owens, as his personal home in 2013. Master suite, and two guest bedrooms are on the ground floor. Wonderful family home with great floor plan and finishes. 3563 square feet, two stories, no pool, a complete and unfettered remodel from a home built in 1960. Asking is $1,150,000. You like, you comment!

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