Need a Quiet Place to Retreat After The Holidays? Head to Yucaipa

Photo: Elite Realty Group

Photo: Elite Realty Group

Of course, the first thng you probably said was “Where the heck is Yucaipa?”

It’s a small, remote town in San Bernadino County, says Deidre Woollard, and it’s where this gorgeous log cabin is located. If you’re thinking about how much you’re ready to escape all of the holiday crazies, then maybe its time to consider buying a place where you can truly retreat. This cabin fits the bill completely, with more than 30 acres surrounding the grand log home in California.

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  • Candy,
    Love your blog and as I am thinking of relocating to the Dallas area it has been beyond helpful. Although the log cabin house looks really good for its type, the “vibe” of the area makes Del Rio, Texas seem like Paris. France.