Infographic: Buying new versus preowned

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As the Dallas-Fort Worth area grows and suburbs develop, many people wonder about the advantages of buying a new versus preowned house. We’ve put together a handy infographic for you, outlining the advantages of each. What’s your opinion?

New vs preowned home infographic



Leah Shafer

Leah Shafer is a content and social media specialist, as well as a Dallas native, who lives in Richardson with her family. In her sixth-grade yearbook, Leah listed "interior designer" as her future profession. Now she writes about them, as well as all things real estate, for

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  1. John Shore says

    We built in the burbs three years ago and more than doubled our square footage, cut our utility bills by 70% and are in the 7th safest city in Texas. We miss big trees and St Augustine grass, but that’s it! There is actually more diversity here than in our former cbaby boomer

  2. John Shore says

    Conservative and cranky area where we were in the tired and delabidated Disney streets area. Thee are even seven gay couples in our small area. I like the balance of the burbs and being in Dallas proper. The main plus to us are the smooooooth roads. Building is not for the faint of heart or everyone, but it can be very fun. It takes a tremendous amount of time and is stressful on a couple and your jobs. If you cannot be there every single day they build, you are taking a risk. I doubt we will move to a Pre-owned again.

      • John S. Shore says

        True. We weren’t able to do a true custom, but the fabulous builder, Highland Homes, allowed us to build a “Highlington” as they affectionately called it to sort of make fun of us. Of course, the economy was slightly different then and they needed to turn some dirt. They allowed us to move a wall here and there and do upgrades, sort of going around their system with IBB, so we could go to Dal-Tile and pick exactly what we wanted. It was the way to go for sure. I will say that picking out and then committing to tile was not the most fun thing. I felt as if we were jumping off a cliff when the time came. Carrera marble is pretty and all, but it will etch and scratch if you even look at it. Women’s purses with brass feet on the bottom and their throwing their keys down on a slab will make me wince and give them dirty looks. Sigh. I guess we get it sanded every year now. LOL.

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