Cabana Hotel Has Perfect Location for a New High Rise, But The Poor Pup Needs a LOT of Work!


Cabana hotel cracks 1

I was down at The House yesterday, where I about fainted when I toured some of the few units left to sell: gorgeous and such a bargain! From the 25th floor, I looked out and saw the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge rising in her majesty, as if she was part of The House design. Then, to the right of MHH I saw The old Cabana Hotel, bordering the Dallas Design District. What a stark contrast (no pun intended, well, maybe intended) to the smooth, clean crisp whiteness of The House. God, I thought, that is going to make an amazing development. Then I drove over to the Cabana just to feel the vibe. Take a close up look. Not much going on, a few guys gathered on a roof top deck looking as if they were waiting for work directions, a few cars in the driveway. I wanted to play with the camera on my new iphone6 (great zoom!) so I shot these close ups of the cracks in the stucco facade. Not sure if these are structural, but there are a lot. I also thought the photos with the barren, chopped off trees kind of make a bleakly beautiful photo. It also appears that the white is not stucco but small tiles. This is a building that is hurting, like a child,  someone in pain. It’s almost crying out for help. Thank God the building is going to get an intervention. It needs one. The cracks look pretty superficial, but what do you think: will Lincoln yank this puppy down faster than we can say “achoo”?

Cabana hotel full



Cabana cracks 3

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  • any updates on the great gulf project?

  • Lincoln Property Co. will destroy and raze the venerable Cabana Hotel… there’s no doubt. Dallas County could have easily sold to one of TWO proven hotel redevelopment groups at matching or greater money. Dallas County leadership is asleep at the wheel…

  • The cracks in the structure are superficial and not fundamental… The tile is from 1960 and needs refurbishment, not DEMOLITION! It’s a shame Dallas cannot recapture the glory of its older buildings… there won’t be any left soon.