Tudor Time in Lakewood Where You can Hop, Skip, Dance or Jump to White Rock Lake

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I was in Lakewood earlier this week looking at a stunning, stunning home I will show you in a bit. Unfortunately, I had to rush home because our fire alarm was going off — false alarm, thank God– so I had to leave the area lickety-split. Otherwise, I’d probably still be there.

White Rock Lake is so gorgeous — I don’t care what anyone says. It’s water, and it moves. Looking at that sunlight glistening off of the ripples just infuses you with a calming peace. While my alarm company was blowing up my phone, I looked at that water and thought, well, who cares, we have insurance. Then I recalled that Bree (the Doodle) was in the house, so I got my adrenaline all pumped up and ran home as fast as I could.7022 Lakeshore front porch

7022 Lakeshore foyer stairs 7022 Lakeshore foyer 7022 Lakeshore porchYou can achieve this same mind-numbing peacefulness with 7022 Lakeshore, a new listing from David Bush, David Bush Realtors. Built in 1952, the home has just under 5000 square feet with multiple living areas and a whopping seven bedrooms.. This is such a huge family home there is even a mother-in-law suite. My my, do you think they will still be building those when we get old? Where will they put us as Millennials buy smaller and smaller homes? The shed?

Of course there are formals and a hefty kitchen that is ripe with promises. But you know me — I’m going to change everything anyhow, so might as well just buy a home that is ripe for a redo. This one is also on a very large, .35 acre lot — huge for Lakewood — with a magnificent screened porch and patio. This overlooks the beautiful swimming pool and verdant green grounds.

Upstairs is a game room & bar designed to be multifunctional for family fun. Downstairs master has seating, incredible closets, and a huge bath ALSO just begging for a face-lift. Or at least a Restalyne injection!

This pup just went into MLS September 25. A brand-spanking new listing those good folks at Inwood Mortgage would love to help you snag because they are the experts at this sort of thing. The interiors may need to be toned down a bit — little bit too Montessori for me but hey, that’s what Prozac’s for, right? Please do not forget there is this thing called paint. PAINT. It can work miracles, help turn this home into a Lakewood Tudor treasure! I might kiss the Corian goodbye, and I would definitely resurface that porch and patio floor. But you know what, I’m going to kiss the price even more: $ 1,175,000. Toss in $100,000 for a kitchen, I’ll be over with the good guys from Inwood Bank for dinner.

And guess who you have for a neighbor? Tokalon!7022 Lakeshore foyer 7022 Lakeshore foyer stairs 7022 Lakeshore LR 7022 Lakeshore LR2 7022 Lakeshore FR 7022 Lakeshore DR 7022 Lakeshore kitchen1 7022 Lakeshore kitchen 2 7022 Lakeshore kitchen3 7022 Lakeshore bfast 7022 Lakeshore bfastroom 7022 Lakeshore master 7022 Lakeshore master bath 7022 Lakeshore gameroom 7022 lakeshore gameroom bar


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