Vacation Home Week: There’s No Better Time For Fractional Ownership in Santa Fe


Santa Fe is one of my favorite rubber-tire escapes. I can get there in about 9 hours (10-plus if we make a stop in Amarillo and Cline’s Corners), and it’s worth every minute in the car. The thought has struck me lately that maybe it’s a good idea to consider a vacation home in Santa Fe …

Of course, it’d have to be close to the plaza, near shopping and restaurants, and have great amenities. Fairmont Heritage Place El Corazon de Santa Fe fits all the criteria in a gorgeous package. Seriously, this fractional second home development has some of the most beautiful units, and you can purchase a 1/8 undivided deeded interest in one of these gorgeous condos.




El Corazon Dining

El Corazon Living 2

There’s one on the market from Santa Fe Residential for $130,000 right now. Considering what you get — concierge, gym, beautiful decor, and an excellent location — this is a fabulous deal! Unit #49H has two bedrooms, two baths, 1,281 square feet, but consider that your share will give you the option to stay at any of the fractional units at El Corazon de Santa Fe!

Each unit features 5-star decor and luxury accommodations and none of the maintenance of a traditional second home. So when you’re at El Corazon de Santa Fe, you can focus on making memories and having a great time, whether shopping for art or enjoying the culture and food that has made The City Different a destination for discerning Dallasites.

El Corazon Bed

El Corazon Bed 2

El Corazon Bath

El Corazon Ext

Another bonus, though, comes with this property being a Fairmont Heritage Place, a growing number of elite destinations that cater to Presidents Club members and fractional owners, including Acapulco, Telluride, and San Francisco. Sounds like perfection to us!

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  • mm

    And what I like about the Fairmont Heritage affiliation is that you can trade off at their other properties, too! And believe you me, they have some good ones. In my opinion, you only want to get a fractional with an affiliation program so you can trade your second home for others!