The Only Map You Need – What’s Your ‘Hood?

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I just came across something that gave me a great chuckle…so I thought I’d be generous and share.

Judgmental Maps posted a descriptive map of Dallas, which may render Google maps obsolete now.

Turns out, I live with the Preservationist Zealots, which is pretty much on target. If I hear from one more neighbor that a certain Snitch (who of course does not live in a Tudor or even a cute house) has sent the City out to inspect their exterior colors or date test a stained glass window that was removed, said Snitch will have 6 dogs worth of poo thrown in their yard to add to their home’s charm.

Based on this amazing map, the Dirt Queen herself, Candace Evans, lives somewhere in between Big Hair, False Boobs, and George W. Enthusiasts. Way more appropriate if she lives with the W Enthusiasts, though there are a few Liberals sprinkled in her ‘hood. Keeps it interesting. I think the false boobs are more congregated between NW Highway and Royal Lane. Correct?

The “Schoolbook Suppository” (6th Floor Museum) also cracks me up…that’s what my dad’s been calling it for years.

Is where you live & work correct?

Enjoy, and you’re welcome.

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Cassie Evans, J.D.

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  1. mmCandy Evans says

    Yes dear, but it was your late, great grandmother Mimi who first called it The Schoolbook Suppository. She also called and asked me what telephone sex was and where in the hell you buy those phones. She was absolutely original and it will be light years before her spirit re-appears… unless Crickett…

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