Occupy Texas: This Lakewood Tuscan Villa Gets Top Billing in Film Now Shooting in Dallas

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Brookcove exteriorRemember the Lakewood Home Festival? One of the coolest homes on the tour belonged to Shannon Kincaid and Allen Stringer, she being the artist whose paintings have been snapped up by Oprah Winfrey, among others. Her husband, Allen, is an ObGyn at Baylor. We told you how much we loved that home back when we did this Q&A with Shannon last November.

Well, turns out their home has provided the inspiration, and really is the nucleus of, a new film that is being shot in Dallas this month and next. The film is called Occupy Texas. It was written by Gene Gallerano, a Dallas native who studied at the great Booker T. Washington School for the Performing Arts, and is now a New York City actor and screenwriter. I have had the pleasure of reading the script and it rocks. It’s the story of a young man, Beau Baker, with the Occupy Wall Street movement who is snapped out of his social altruism (and sleeping on the streets of NYC) to return to Dallas, Texas because his parents, both successful, hard-hitting professionals, have been killed in a car wreck. He needs to “man up” and take care of his younger sisters, but he’s a wreck himself! The film traces his evolution, inner search, and self-growth as he deals with his loss, grief and the family drama that crippled him. (Or did it?) He barely knows his little sister. The film ends with a great twist on how well prepared Beau actually is to handle it all. The movie will star Peri Gilpin, Janine Turner, and Lorelei Linklater (daughter of filmmaker Richard), among others. The film will be completed this fall and start playing at film festivals and theaters next spring/summer!

Occupy Texas will also star 7130 Brookcove! That would be the Kincaid/Stringer’ Italian villa-inspired home.

Shannon Kinkaid“It’s our own little Under the Tuscan Sun in Dallas,” says Shannon. “We love this house so much, I am thankful for every day we are here.”

It’s hard to imagine, but Shannon and Allen actually started with a two bedroom, 2 bath circa 1956 ranch home they purchased in 1991. In 2012 they completely renovated it, taking the original home down to the studs, adding a second story, back rooms, a kiva-type fireplace, huge kitchen and family room, and art studio in what used to be the garage. Then they added a garage! The home’s square footage expanded to 6712 square feet. Though two of the original bedrooms are still in use, you cannot really tell it was once a regular ranch home, which is what confounded Gene, who grew up around the corner.

“I recalled a one-story home,” says Gene.

Like his character, Beau, Gene returned to Dallas and several surprises.

While the home was rebuilt by home builder Tony Gustafson, the family, the entire family, lived in the 480-square foot above garage apartment, which was formerly Shannon’s studio.

“It was like a little love nest,” she said. “And we were on site each day monitoring progress.”

7130 Brookcove.png dining room

7130-Brookcove-99-Edit-450x400.jpg brick bedroom

Brookcove game room

Brookcove girls room

Brookcove game room

Brookcove mosaic

Brookcove rear pool

Brookcove guest house

Brookcove kivaShannon did a lot of the work in the home herself, including the all the Venetian plaster and troweling in all the tile mosaics. The mosaic above the stove top is her rendition in stained glass, of Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party which perfectly illustrates the camaraderie of her family.  An artist since age two, Shannon has been making a living off her art since age 15. Oprah Winfrey owns one of her paintings, which is nestled in Oprah’s Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, SA. She first met Oprah through her work which hangs at the T. Boone Pickens cancer hospital. Paintings she did on 9/11 hang in two NYC museums, and many restaurants buy her work

As for Gene Gallerano, he says he picked the home because it was perfect for his film, and also because he has been best friends with Obie Stringer, Shannon’s son,  since the sixth grade.

“I grew up with Obie,” says Gene. “We met at St. John’s. This is the neighborhood I grew up in!”

When he saw the house, he didn’t recognize it, of course, since it was no longer the 2/2 ranch. Then he realized whose home it was, and how it was always filled with family, fun and good times, memories.

“It was a one story home that had grown,” says Gene. ” Shannon basically made another piece of art, her home.”

Then he told his partners the best news: I know these people, they are amazing  — and these guys will let us shoot there. Shannon Kinkaid will even play a role in the film.




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  1. Architectural Critic says

    Have you ever driven by that house? It sticks out in that neighborhood like a turd in a punchbowl The architecture doesn’t make any sense either–brick, Austin stone, and what is with those arches. Looks like an Italian McDonalds.

    • mmJoanna England says

      I have to disagree. I think this home is really lovely and goes just for the right balance of Tuscan and traditional. And it’s gorgeous and whimsical and full of texture inside and out.

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