WTF? Why Are They Painting This Uptown Church BLUE???

Fairmount and MahanUpdate: Robert Wilonsky took this story and did his magic, finding out that, are you ready, the designer who is painting this church blue is Gary Riggs! Thanks to Pete Peabody for alerting me this morning! Dialing up Gary right now…

OK, I get it. It’s not really a church, it’s an office building, but BLUE?

This is 2700 Fairmount, The Church of Fairmont. According to the off-market listing, it’s a 1910 church building that has been “creatively and effectively renovated into tasteful, eclectic office space. Additional parking across the street at 2518 Mahon Street included.”

It’s zoned PD9, which allows for a variety of retail & office uses, and is within walking distance to The Crescent, McKinney Avenue retail, many restaurants in the Turtle Creek / Cedar Springs area.

Talked to one of the tenants, who is moving out this week. He says it hasn’t been the best kept up building. But there are new owners who are sprucing it up, washing the sandstone surrounding the windows, maybe re-painting the windows (GULP!), improving the landscaping. They have tried a whole lot of colors on a back wall before settling on this color.

But why even paint it?

2700 Fairmount Street Dallas

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  • You ain’t kidding! Gawd awful! You should never paint an historical structure’s brick and stone! Blue belongs on wooden structures in tropical locales. NOT HERE! NEVER! This makes my eyes bleed. Hopefully another future owner can afford sandblasting this structure to return it to its original state.

  • mm

    NOOOOOOOOOO! This is horrible! Why on Earth!?!?

  • Wilonsky is reporting the owner to be Gary Riggs. If that’s an example of his aesthetics and he’s successful financially, then lawd help us. There is no hope with for Dallas classing up.

  • I live just across the way from the church, and walk my dogs past it at least three times a day. It’s HORRIBLE. And, yes, they are scraping around the windows, too, and have tried some “trim colors” there as well…. more weird blues…. lighter…. makes me want to cry every time I see it.

  • I’m so tired of retail furniture store owners and employees playing interior designer without any credentials.

  • Gary has plenty of credentials and is a well-known interior designer in Dallas with plenty of experience! Look him up. We have actually used him for our home.