KXAS Channel 5 Reports Dallas Developer Suing Prominent Plastic Surgeon From U.T. Southwestern

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Navigate-Your-Beauty-CoverOh brother, this is a sad, sad story that came across Channel 5 KXAS-TV Wednesday night. In fact, it is almost unbelieveable.  Involves one of the most renown plastic surgeons in town, and a respected developer. Check it out for yourself:

A wealthy Dallas real estate developer claims in a lawsuit that his wife had an affair with her plastic surgeon, secretly sold a $1.1 million diamond to promote a book and planned to replace the diamond with cubic zirconia.

The wife, who filed for divorce last month, separately claims her husband tried to extort $10 million from the plastic surgeon and threatened to ruin his reputation before suing him.

The suit, filed in Dallas County District Court by developer Lucien “Luke” Crosland, names Dr. Rodney Rohrich and UT Southwestern Medical Center, where Rohrich is professor and chairman of the plastic surgery department.

According to his website, Rohrich is “an internationally renowned expert in plastic surgery and has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best doctors in America.”

Crosland alleges the diamond was sold to pay for travel and hotel rooms to promote a book on plastic surgery that his wife Mary and Rohrich had written called “Navigate Your Beauty.”

Crosland heads the Crosland Group, which built the ilume development, a luxury apartment and retail complex in Oak Lawn. It also includes more than 22,500 square feet of retail shops on the ground floor.

Why am I telling you about this? Because Luke Crosland is a successful real estate developer, who has developed the ilume, the ilume II, owns the SW corner of Northwest Highway and Preston, and is developing Highland House in Preston Center, which heads to the Dallas Plan Commission later today.





Candy Evans

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  1. Robin says

    How sad indeed that such a fine prominent
    Physician with a spotless reputation can have his life stopped in its tracks by a disgruntled participate in an obviously nasty divorce case. But people love dirt. True or not. I have personally and professionally known Dr Rohrich over 20 years and this makes me sick to my stomach. I blame the media for publishing crap a judge DISMISSED!

  2. Louise Crain says

    The media’s treatment of this story makes me sick. Rod Rohrich is a good family man, a catholic, and a close friend and every time someone shares this slanderous story it hurts not only the reputation of a good man, but of his two children. The innocent are the ones who will suffer from this. Which I might add is the intention of this lawsuit.

  3. mmCandy Evans says

    Louise: I empathize completely. We are not interested in airing anyone’s dirty laundry, our only interest is in the real estate development and how these events may or may not affect it. Thank you for chiming in.

  4. Claire Stanard says

    If Dr. Rohrich had an affair with his patient, it is one of the most egregious violations of medical ethics that a doctor can commit. Most doctors would lose their license over this type of behavior. Regardless of how good a plastic surgeon he may be, having sexual relations with a patient is unacceptable by the American Medical Association and the State of Texas Medical Board. That is the important issue of this story, again, if sexual relations took place between Mrs. Crosland and Dr. Rohrich.

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