People in East Dallas Will be Buying These at Sam’s Cityplace and Carrying Them Home on Their Bikes or Backs

Giant pool floatSorry folks, I’m working on some posts and getting antsy. My daughter just found this at Sam’s Wholesale Club on Northwest Highway. It holds up to 6 people and will take up our entire swimming pool. It’s just one example of what the good people in East Dallas will be able to buy at the new Sam’s Club at Cityplace and walk home with.

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  • you are always copying me! And yes, I will be stationed in that thing all summer long. Good thing it holds a laptop and my iced tea. xx

  • It’s interesting that you touch on this subject. One of the many irregular elements associated with this rezoning is that Trammell Crow somehow managed to get a 20% reduction in required parking due to “walkability.” Here’s the kicker— in their rezoning application, they claim that the “site” is only 1,000 feet from the entrance to the DART Cityplace Station. However, when you actually measure the distance from the front door of the Sam’s Club to the DART station, it actually pencils out to approximately 1/2 mile.

    Once again, it seems that Trammell Crow somehow got some sort of special treatment from City staff… and City staff mislead the City Plan Commission about the distance between this development and the DART station.