Flipping Out: Briggs Freeman Star Realtor Jenni Stolarski’s Next Project Home is Almost Ready For the MLS

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Jenni Stolarski knows Oak Cliff better than almost every other Realtor in the area. She lives in Kings Highway and works to better the neighborhood as if her next meal depended on it.

And in a way, it does. She, along with her partner Val Haskell, have worked their fingers to the bone to flip homes in Oak Cliff that keep the character of the neighborhood intact. Not only that, but with all of the upgrades and care that go into their homes, Stolarski and Haskell have managed to sell these babies super fast. Their most recent flip at 806 N. Windomere was sold in a matter of days.

“After that remodel last summer, I said to Val, ‘OK, that’s it. I’m never doing this again,'” Stolarski said. And yet, here they are, with another home that could hit MLS as soon as next month. With Stolarski as the visionary and Haskell as the number-crunching realist, they’ve managed to turn brass into gold once more.

310 N. Waverly is a fantastic Tudor with tons of great details. It just needed a lot of love, Stolarski said. Originally a three-bedroom, one-bath family home with about 1,500 + square feet, the pair have transformed it into a 2/2 with open kitchen and dining and a lovely living room.  It sits on a quiet cul-de-sac just a stone’s throw from the Bishop Arts District in the L.O. Daniel historic neighborhood.

“What’s great about this area is the collection of Tudors outside of the Kessler Park and Lakewood areas,” Stolarski said. They are no less beautiful, she added, but the neighborhoods are more accessible and down-to-earth.

Besides upgraded finish-out and some re-framing, Stolarski said the home had no central HVAC, which they installed inside the home, along with a new roof. The hardwood floors, which run throughout the home, even in the kitchen and bathrooms, have been refinished a gorgeous ash gray tone that still allows the subtleties in the wood grain to stand out.

The kitchen boasts sleek gray cabinets, with tons of storage despite the absence of upper cabinetry. It’s a lovely modern look that makes the room feel more open. When completed, the cabinets will be topped with huge slabs of marble, a luxurious material that is durable and organic, Stolarski says.

Of course, when most folks who flip look to economize with granite and other solid surfaces in the kitchen, Stolarski says the marble is just a better fit. And of course, it will last. How does she know? Well, after a visit to Tuscany and seeing an old matriarch rolling out pasta on a slab of marble that was older than her and her grandmother and her grand mother’s grandmother combined, Stolarski said, “I’m not worried about it.” I can see why!

Photo collage: Jenni Stolarski

In the master bedroom, though, is where Stolarski and Haskell are pulling out all the stops, the room is surrounded by windows, and yet the pair have managed to put two huge closets in. There’s also a gorgeous accent wall in the room constructed of salvaged ship-lap from the demo stages. “It’s an homage to the home and its history,” Stolarski said.

In the master bath there’s a huge marble-topped vanity with two sinks and a claw-foot tub with shower. Although there was once a side exterior entry where the master bath sits, Stolarski decided to instead seal the door and keep it as a window. She plans to add a frosting treatment to the glass to improve privacy.

In all, this home will be another notch in this dynamic duo’s belt, a success story on how preservation and profit can achieve the same goals with the right perspective. We can’t wait to see the final results!

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  1. Nicole Flores says

    Amazing! I cannot wait to see this home completed! Please let us know when it’s ready and if/when it will be on the Oak Cliff MLS tour!!

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