White Rock Home Tour is This Weekend! Meet One of the Amazing Homeowners, And Find Out How You Can Win Tickets!

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7151 Wildgrove

This year’s White Rock Home Tour is going to feature some of the most incredible homes in East Dallas, and you don’t want to miss out. We adore this home tour, which runs Saturday and Sunday (April 26 and 27) and supports programming at Hexter Elementary.

“This is our 9th year and we have some fabulous homes on the tour this year,” said Andrea Glover, this year’s home tour chair. We couldn’t agree more! This tour features phenomenal feats of modern architecture you’re sure to go ga-ga over!

Amy Marcuis, owner of the Wildgrove home, was kind enough to give us a little preview of what she’s been doing to prepare for this year’s tour. Read on for more info, and find out how you can score tickets to this weekend’s tour!


Amy Marcius with her husband and daughter.
Amy Marcius with her husband and daughter. (Photo: Lauren Reynolds Photography)

CandysDirt.com: We love this fantastic modern home! Can you tell us a little about the home’s design philosophy, the builder, and some of the specific features you wanted to have in this house?

Amy Marcuis: Thank you!  We love it, too. Our house was built in 2008 by Ryan and Melissa Williams of W2-Studio. Ryan is the architect and his wife Melissa is the builder. Our daughter Lainey was about to turn 1, so we wanted to move out of our condo downtown and into a house with a little more space, indoor and outdoors, for her to run around in.

CD: Talk to me about materials. What kind of finishes were incorporated inside and out?

Marcuis: The house has a very open, organic feel with many of the same materials utilized throughout.  There is the same recycled terrazzo tile in several rooms, and also similar cabinet design throughout the house.

CD: What are some of the unique challenges you faced with building and design? Do you have any stories to share?

Marcuis: Our house wasn’t a custom build. W2 was working on two other homes on our block (a remodel and custom build) when our house was put on the market, so they bought it and began remodeling it as well.  We found it when it was nearly complete, so we got a house that is very similar to one we would have designed ourselves without the headaches that go along with designing and building.

CD: What are your favorite features and rooms inside your home that you think home tour goers should pay special attention to?

Marcuis: Our kitchen is pretty amazing. We have an 18-foot white granite island in the center and it overlooks our backyard.  Our home was in a commercial a few years ago, and they changed out all of the furniture, but our friends who saw it knew it was our house because the kitchen was visible in one scene.

The upstairs deck above the carport is really cool, too.  It’s just a big, enclosed outdoor room.  I like to do yoga out there (when it’s not too hot) and Lainey loves playing out there. The floor is a perfect canvas for her sidewalk chalk artwork.

CD: Tell me about your neighborhood. What are some of the aspects of living in your part of the White Rock area that make it a great place for your family?

Marcuis: I was a teacher at Lakewood Elementary School before I had Lainey, so I knew this would be a perfect place for us. We love the neighborhood feel here. We are within walking distance to the lake and lots of parks (and Whole Foods and Hypnotic Donuts), it’s close to downtown for my husband’s commute, and there are so many children for Lainey to play with (and former students to babysit her!).

CD: What are you doing to prepare for the home tour?

Marcuis: Home tours are a great opportunity to fix all of the little things that are so easy to put off and to de-clutter.  I’ve changed out old pictures, cleaned out closets, touched-up scuffs and scratches, and donated a lot of things we no longer use or need.


So, do you want to see some amazing houses this weekend? And for FREE? All you have to do is go to the CandysDirt facebook page and comment on our wall! The first one there to tell us how much you LOOOOOVE CandysDirt wins!

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