Now That Every Little Project is Done, Tiffany Diederich Says Her Hollywood Heights Home is Ready For Touring!

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809 Newell
Photo: Hollywood/Santa Monica Neighborhood Association

We’re so excited about the upcoming Hollywood/Santa Monica Neighborhood Association home tour, which is scheduled for April 26 and 27, from noon to 5 p.m. The 23rd annual Hollywood Heights Home Tour is a thoughtful, well-organized event that features some of the amazing Tudors and traditionals for which this gorgeous East Dallas enclave is known. Tickets for the tour are $15 and are on sale now!

We’ve already interviewed Realtor Joe Kacynski, whose home inside an amazing renovated duplex at San Mateo and Newell will be on this year’s tour. He had some great insight on the home tour, and what it takes to get ready, but our next interview subject has been preparing for the Hollywood Heights Home Tour for going on 4 years. Tiffany Diederich says that when she and her husband bought the adorable Tudor at 809 Newell, they started the slow process of making it theirs. It wasn’t until this year that she finally acquiesced to the neighborhood’s requests to feature her lovely home on the tour.

You can read more about Diederich and her amazing home, as well as how you can win a pair of tickets to this year’s home tour, after the jump!

The Diederich’s kitchen now sports beautiful new cabinets and turquoise subway tile.

Joanna England: Is this your first home tour experience?

Tiffany Diederich: Yes, first home tour. They have asked us a few times and we finally gave in!!!

England: LOL! What made you change your mind? Had you been planning to do renovations and needed the extra push?

Diederich: No, just the idea of people walking through your house is a lot! We did redo our kitchen this year so that helped with the push and my youngest child is now 3, so now that we are out of the weeds with the baby stage, we said OK why not!?

England: I cannot imagine doing a kitchen reno with young kids! We did ours when I was pregnant and I was just dying every day.

Diederich: Yeah, it’s not fun and it’s hard because those little people have to eat! But we have been remodeling the house since we moved in 4 years ago, so I think they are used to us always doing projects!

England: So, tell me a little bit about your home. What do you love about it? Why do you think home tour goers will love it?

Diederich: Our house was remodeled in 2005, and when we bought it we decided to reconfigure a few things to make it ours! We have three bedrooms upstairs and two down, which are now a guest room and a TV room. I love that all the bedrooms are upstairs. I love the cozy feel of our house. We have made sure to use every inch of our house — we are really into “usable” space! You have to be with these older homes. But my most favorite part of our house is our screened-in porch, which my brother in-law designed for us. We LIVE on that porch 9 months out of the year!

England: Screened porches are perfect for the weather we’re having now! So, what are you doing to get ready for the tour?

Designed by Diederich's brother-in-law, the screened back porch is a favorite spot for the family.
Designed by Diederich’s brother-in-law, the screened back porch is a favorite spot for the family.

Diederich: Mostly just trying to repair all the landscaping we lost this winter. With the kitchen remodel finally complete, the house was pretty set on the inside, but I am seriously lacking in a green thumb so that’s our main focus right now! 

England: Yes, this winter was harsh! I bet your fireplace got a workout!

Diederich: Funny you say that, because it’s gas and for some reason we just never turn in on! Laziness? Probably! Yes it was harsh and we did our kitchen remodel during the ice storm, which was brutal! Many days we had open spaces on the kitchen floor, which was freezing! We hibernated upstairs most of the winter!

England: I would have cranked that puppy up! OK, last question: What are you going to do after the home tour is over?

Diederich: Relax, sit back, and enjoy the fact that every little project on our house is complete!

England: Well I’ll raise a glass to that! Thank you, Tiffany for letting us give our readers a sneak peak into your amazing home, and congrats on being selected for the Home Tour!

Want to win tickets to this year’s home tour? Stay tuned tomorrow when we will host a giveaway right here on!

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