Don’t Be Caught in The Cold: Be Prepared For The Next Icepocalypse With This Handy Emergency Checklist


OK, so you might not need the snow shovel, but nothing makes you feel quite so unprepared like having a four-day power outage that practically evicts you from your home. I asked a friend who is an expert in emergency preparedness what other items we should have on hand for the next winter storm. His must have is a kerosene heater. Me? I have to have LED lanterns. Here’s a list of important things to have on hand the next time a storm like Cleon batters Dallas.
Kerosene heater

Dura Heat DH1051 Convection Kerosene Heater

“There are two downsides to kerosene heaters: 1) they’re big and bulky and a pain to store 364 days a year; 2) kerosene that’s not stupidly overpriced can be difficult to find. But otherwise it’s pretty fantastic,” my friend attests. “Power out? I’ll still be nice and toasty. You can use them in enclosed spaces (including bedrooms) because they burn clean and don’t produce CO (unlike propane, which can be deadly.)”

First Aid Kit

With limited access from emergency responders, you want to be able to address cuts, bruises, scrapes, and even stabilize a limb should you or your vehicle glide across the ice like Tonya Harding.

You can buy a ready made one or build your own. Just make sure it follows some of these guidelines. Unfortunately, the list does not include wine, which, if you’ve spent any time with family and friends without power and in close quarters, you’re going to wish you had some Pinot.

LED Lanterns and Flashlights (Plus extra batteries)

LED Lantern

I prefer headlamps, but keeping a few LED lanterns and flashlights, as well as extra batteries, on hand can make your home so much more livable. We keep some cheap flashlights and a couple of lanterns throughout the house and one in each of our cars. They are inexpensive, and thanks to the LED bulbs, they last forever.

LED lights are a ton safer than candles, too, but you should keep a few unscented candles in your kit, as well as waterproof matches, just in case.


Champion Power Equipment 46539 Generator

Not everyone can keep a gas-powered generator on-hand, and if you’re going to buy fuel to keep warm, a Kerosene heater can be a good purchase that isn’t as noisy as a generator, but on the flip-side, it’s hard to find affordable kerosene. Having one of these can sometimes make all the difference. If you want to power an electric stove, a heater, and maybe a microwave at the same time as some lights, then this is a good purchase.

What will you put in your emergency kit for the next winter storm?

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