Attics Can Inspire Lofty Design, Says Dallas Interior Designer Bernadette Schaeffler

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clutttered attic

Most attics are used for storage, as a way to keep odds and ends from taking over a home. They can also become time capsules, preserving history until we are brave enough to explore them. For Bernadette Schaeffler, attics are so much more.

“The world changed and architects embrace attic rooms into their design. In some homes attics are pretty appealing and therefore more and more people realize the potential of space and remodel the attic into wonderful living areas. The space under the roof can be fantastic for a variety of rooms and easily maximize the home,” Schaeffler said.

View into an attic

While they can be odd shaped, thanks to the slope of a roof, they remain versatile, accommodating a wide range of uses. In Schaeffler’s native Germany, converted attics are sometimes called “sky parlors,” a romantic term if there ever was one.

“Attics can be bedrooms, computer rooms, TV rooms, and playrooms. The big advantage of attics is that they are mostly separated from the rest of the house and more private,” Schaeffler added.

remodeled attic

Want more inspiration for your attic conversion? Visit the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection showroom.

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