Is This The Next Big Thing For Luxury Bathrooms? Tornado Body Dryer Claims to be a 'Soothing Shower Experience'

Tornado Body Dryer

I just about had to laugh out loud when I got this gem in my inbox. Some lovely reader sent me a link to this post on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog extolling the Tornado Body Dryer.

I don’t know whether to be aghast or awe, because this invention solves lots of problems and doesn’t look half bad.

I hate the little puddles of water my husband leaves in the bathroom after his shower. They drive me up the wall. With the Tornado — the world’s best-selling body dryer (really? I’m pretty sure Bed Bath & Beyond sells a mighty lot of towels!) — he would get a blast of warm air to dry him off in the shower.

The testimonials on website are just great:

“With the Body Dryer, I’m dry in about 2 minutes, but it feels so great and is so relaxing, my husband can’t get me to come out of the shower.”

“The body dryer arrived today.  We live pretty far out in the country and do a lot of online shopping.  The body dryer was by far the most well packaged item I have ever received.”

What do you think? Would you buy an electric appliance that goes in your shower?

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