Cowboy Up, Y’all: Curbed National Finds Hunter’s Paradise in Celina, Texas

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Celina Pool

Yeehaw, folks. We sometimes joke around about “head rooms” and such here on, but this Celina mansion marketed by Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s own Brian Luker and David Bergher has a trophy room that earns a gold star in my book. Curbed National picked up this listing, calling it an “equestrian amusement park.”

Celina Arena

In fact, this entire estate — all 314 acres of it — is a trophy. This equestrian compound is on the market for $15 million, which is a bargain for a 15,000-square-foot home with seven-car garage, heated pool, spa, wine cellar, three stock ponds, two arenas, mare motel, ranch managers home, stall barn, equipment barn, etc.

Celina Trophy

If you think the country life has to be remote, think again. This mansion is just 45 minutes from downtown Dallas and 10 minutes from the Dallas North Tollway.

Now, if you’re squeamish, you can always redecorate. I kind of love the amount of kitsch that comes with the various stuffed creatures reigning over rooms in the house. The leopard next to the fireplace in the bathroom is just hanging out, you know. And the two black bears in the bedroom, well, that’s inspirational.

Celina Bath

I think this property is the perfect weekend home for the horse-obsessed hunter or weekend cowboy. What about you?

Celina Bedroom



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