Tuesday Two Hundred: Sleek Modern Living in Uptown Means The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Not all bachelor pads are meant to be laundry-strewn hell holes with a permanent funky smell that can only be described as expired Chinese food and sweaty socks. Some bachelors — especially those who want to actually get dates — prefer to keep their homes tidy and spare, with just enough room for everything a bachelor needs and nothing they don’t.

For the bachelor who wants a clutter-free life, I offer 4438 Cole Ave. #4 marketed by Forest Gregg of Allie Beth Allman & Associates. This one-bedroom, one-bath townhome designed by Gary Cunningham is modern and sleek, with concrete floors and counters, a compact fireplace, a vanishing kitchen, and vaulted ceilings.

You might be asking yourself “What exactly is a vanishing kitchen?” Well, you know how some small kitchens tend to be a tight-fitting galley style, with a stove and refrigerator flanking an awkward work area that barely fits one person, much less two? Well, this townhome has the range and refrigerator tucked behind some gorgeous bamboo cabinetry, which keeps the kitchen concealed when not in use. Besides, being the bachelor you are, you’re going to be spending much more time eating takeout than actually cooking, amiright?

Upstairs you’ll find a good-sized bedroom and a clean, no-frills bath. Why make things more complicated than they need to be, right?

This home, priced at $195,000, is all about the location, really. Sandwiched between McKinney Ave. and Travis Street and just south of Knox, you’ll be close to the best bars and restaurants that Uptown and the Park Cities have to offer. The bachelor that buys this abode won’t have to worry about owning a car, either. This location is super bike friendly.

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