Friday Four Hundred: 7039 Southridge Goes From Dark to DeLIGHTful

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What happens when you have a great home, but some of the finishes are just too personal to attract a buyer? You stage it! Sometimes though, when you see the final result, you may fall in love with your home all over again.

Karen “I need a reality show!” Eubank has had this happen several times. Case in point would be 7039 Southridge, which is crazy close to White Rock Lake and priced at just $450,000.

“This is a gorgeous home, great for entertaining,” said Eubank. “The owners have wonderful taste and so many great things to work with.”

Family room "before"

All it needed was a few small changes. Consider the family room, which was a dark navy blue color initially. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, per se, but it was just too dark to show off the homeowner’s belongings.

Family room "after"

“While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a navy blue room, in this instance the whole feel of the house was coastal and I wanted a potential buyer to be able to appreciate the paneling  and the view,” said Eubank. “The color I chose enhanced the room. The navy was such a great color but your eye really went to that color and not the whole room.”

Now, staging doesn’t always mean you have to spend a bunch of money buying a ton of furniture and accessories, and 7039 Southridge had plenty of cool finds for “shopping the home,” as Eubank put it.

Kitchen "before"

“Staging this house is a good example of simply removing a layer of accessories and storing a few pieces to reveal the bones of the house and open it up,” Eubank said.
“I did completely rework the formal living and family areas but the sellers had every single item I needed. I just plucked pieces out of different rooms and rearranged!”

Kitchen "after"

Sometimes, though, accessories may be really cool, but they need to take a hike! Staging should help potential buyers fall in love with a home, not a table, a chair, or in this case, curtains.

“I asked the sellers to remove some terrific  bold curtains from the formal living room,” Eubank said. “If someone comes in asking where you purchased your curtains, well that’s not what you want. You want them interested in your fireplaces, woodwork, arches, hardwoods, things that are staying put!”



Joanna England

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