Terrell Owens and TMZ: Getting Lots o’ Mileage Out of That Short Sale

This is The Azure

Once again, TMZ is getting more SEO mileage by reporting that Terrell Owens had to short-sale his Azure condo, NOT his Condo at The House as some outlets reported this morning, then duly corrected. I was so confused I caught Bobby Dhillon who is marketing The House, in Vegas to ask him what gives. As I recall, the House was not even being marketed in 2008, and certainly no one moved in until 2009 earliest. Bobby confirmed that Terrell doesn’t own anything at The House. Anyhow, it’s not really accurate to lump all the lux downtown condos in with one another, and Victory has lowered prices considerably, reacting to the market. Despite what TMZ says, Terrell is losing a lot more than $350,000: he may have only paid $1.95 million, but poured a whole lot more into that condo. And, as I told you weeks ago,  my sources tell me the short sale is for less than $1.6.

Oh, and this from the news outlet that first reported he was losing $56,000. Must be LA math.