douchebag collarsOh! I totally forgot to tell you about how these Wall Street big whigs tried to cheat a Realtor in the Hamptons out of a summer rental commission. One even happened to be a lawyer! Few months ago, a real estate broker at Rosehip Partners showed a couple of Wall Streeters around some rental properties, as reported by Curbed Hamptons. One was an attorney with an investment bank, Goldman Sachs I believe, and one was a portfolio manager with a hedge fund. They dangled the phrase “all cash deal” under the broker’s nose, like most big shots do.  The poor broker spent a whole Saturday showing these guys seven rentals, which they apparently liked.

Yes, liked them so much they went behind the broker’s back to cut a deal with him not part of it. One of the Wall Street dudes actually left this note behind on the kitchen counter for the homeowner:

Douchebag note 1

Next, “The agent got a call from a Southampton lawyer who’d had dinner with the owner of one of the rental properties. The owner was very upset after finding a note on the kitchen counter after the showing. The second was shoved under the front door later in the afternoon when the two guys returned by themselves.”

Here’s the note shoved under the door:Douchebag note 2

Don’t you just love that smiley face? Have you ever encountered Real Estate douchebags? Tell us all about it for a new little series we are cooking up, inspired by quite possibly the worst move-out experience I have ever heard. We will call this series “Real Estate Douchebags” — self explanatory.

If you’d rather remain anonymous, and we do not blame you, email us the story and we will post it!

Plano Legacy

According to 24/7 Wall Street, our neighbors to the north in Plano live in the best-managed city in the U.S., beating Madison, Wisc., and Irvine, Calif., for top honors. Just how did they come to their conclusion, crowning one of the most popular Dallas suburbs as king?

24/7 Wall St. has completed its second annual ranking of the 100 largest cities in the U.S., based on local economies, fiscal management, and quality of life measures. To evaluate how well a city is managed over the long-term, we looked at factors like the city’s credit rating, poverty, education, crime, unemployment, and regional GDP.

Interestingly, Irving was the only other North Texas city to make the top 20 best-managed list from the investing website. Austin scored a spot at No. 9, and Lubbock (yes, Lubbock!) came in at No. 19, beating Boston. Sounds a little nuts to me, but I didn’t come up with the methodology. Still, it’s got to make Frisco and McKinney green with envy that Plano consistently ranks as one of the top communities in the U.S.

It’s one of the region’s top destinations for corporate relocations, too. Tons of national brands are moving to Plano, and bringing a skilled workforce and high salaries with them.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 12.12.36 PM

Stats from 24/7 Wall Street

Now, when we talk about Plano, we should really talk about West Plano and Plano East. Two different sides of the same coin, in my opinion. In West Plano, you’ll find tons of high-end shopping at the Shops at Legacy, as well as super luxurious homes and top-notch schools. You can find out more about West Plano on our neighborhood page.