Lexington park

I always dreamed of moving into downtown Dallas, but there just doesn’t seem to be much in the way of family-friendly properties with the amenities I want in the price point our family can appreciate. Still, I love the idea of urban living, being close to shops and restaurants, and having quick access to mass transit.

Normally you won’t find things like this if you have an address in the suburbs, so color me surprised when we stumbled across the townhomes of Lexington Park at Rice Field.

Priced in the $200,000 range, these townhomes have excellent finish-out and tons of great features. There are five different floorplans available ranging from 2,126 to 2,351 square feet, including both 3/2/2 and 3/3/2 units.

I love the master bath in the model unit, which you can see in the very neat video above. Seriously, the Branch Team did an excellent job marketing this new development!

What do you think?

Here is a place the size of a second home that is actually a primary residence. In case you missed this story in Sunday’s New York Times, here is a cute, highly creative couple who live in a 375 square foot apartment on the Lower East Side. Two rooms, $2000 per month. (My son’s studio apartment is about the same size.) They do have a patio. The newly married couple reminded guests at their wedding that they lived in 375 square feet. Hec, I would have totally asked for cash for a down payment in lieu of crystal, silver or china!