You’ll want for nothing in this perfectly situated, three-story townhome inside the gated and secure Uptown development of Cascada.

When Phillip Murrell told me he had a new listing, of course I was intrigued. This go-getting Dave Perry-Miller agent has been representing some amazing properties lately, so I had to know what was going to be hitting MLS soon. Murrell offered me a chance to tour his latest, but only proffered a single photo of the property — the foyer. 

And let me say that a single photo of the gorgeous entryway was all it took to get me on my way to 3338 Blackburn Ave., our High Caliber Home of the Week presented by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans. If you love luxurious urban living in one of the best locations in all of Dallas, then you, like me, will probably be hooked on this home from the very start. 

The foyer of 3338 Blackburn Ave. offers a dramatic geometric floor fashioned of Bardiglio marble.



We knew this day was coming. The day we’d see new construction of high-density, mixed-use projects all over North Oak Cliff. We rezoned less than a year ago to allow the growth we knew was coming, and hopefully have some control over how it transpires.

So here we are, faced with a developer wanting to listen to the community and do a ‘good’ project. Enter: Matt Segrest and Wade Johns of Dallas-based Alamo Manhattan. They’re developing the proposed Bishop Arts Gateway project, three 5-story buildings along Zang Blvd at Davis St and Seventh St. They say they’re in it for the long term, and that they cut their teeth developing in Portland and Seattle so they understand Streetcars and well-built neighborhoods. So they called a meeting with the neighborhood Thursday to get our input.

BAD Overview-small

It’s all a bit ironic if you think about it – a meeting of past gentrifiers to talk about future gentrification. Granted, not all of us at the meeting moved to O.C. from somewhere else. A couple attendees had a tenure longer than a few decades. The rest of us moved here after the police station storefront opened and closed on Bishop, after the city spent over a million dollars to build great sidewalks and plant trees, after the Texas Theatre and The Kessler were restored…

So what are we really talking about here? The changing character of a neighborhood and its people. The issue isn’t unique to Bishop Arts though, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Some call it gentrification (that dirty word), others progress.


Blue-Walkable Places Ad-CNU-smallest

The Congress for the New Urbanism’s 23rd annual Congress (CNU 23), is in Dallas-Fort Worth this week, today through Saturday. CNU is the nation’s leading organization promoting walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development; sustainable communities; and healthier living conditions.

This year’s theme, “Meeting the Demand for Walkability,” was coined after learning that 68 percent of D/FW residents of all ages want to live in a walkable neighborhood at some point in their life, yet only 4 percent of the Dallas market and 1.5 percent of the greater D/FW market offer a home in a walkable area. The idea isn’t that Uptown is for everyone, but that the demand for Uptown is so high because the supply is so low. (You see the opportunity here — great walkable neighborhoods all over DFW.)

If this piques your interest, there are a few ways you can join the conversation for free. Jump to find out more


MCKinney Ave Bar

By Grant Bynum
Special Contributor

If you are a native of the Dallas area, you’ve probably heard about how desirable it is to live in the Uptown Dallas area.  When professionals are checking out a move to Dallas, Uptown always gets in the conversation, and typically at the top of the list!  If you are thinking about a move here from out of town, or you are local and want to see what the fuss is about, then read this quick summary of Uptown Dallas. After reading this, you may know more than most natives of Dallas, and even some Uptown residents!


The Cedars

The Cedars is quickly transforming into an urban hot spot, with 11 new real estate developments in the pipeline. But how will this neighborhood just south of downtown Dallas work to capitalize on this energy?

One of Dallas’ huge strengths is its neighborhoods, and one of the most unique is downtown. Make that Downtown with a capital D. With its walkable blocks, great density, and mix of classic and modern architecture, Downtown is similar to the nearby Uptown neighborhood. But at Wednesday night’s community roundtable hosted by the Dallas Homeowners League, Downtown was commiserating and collaborating with Deep Ellum, the Cedars and the Farmers Market neighborhoods. Why so glum? All are trying to poke their heads up as residential nirvanas for a new style of living.

As Peter Simek, last night’s roundtable moderator, put it, all areas “suffered the effects of de-economization of the core in the 60s, and are now coming into their own.”


Uptown Then and Now

For the longest time, the story of how Uptown came to be successful centered around greedy developers wanting to build towers and condos for only those who could afford it. But Patrick Kennedy of “Car Free in Big D” paints a much more nuanced picture of how Dallas’ most walkable neighborhood came about.

Jump for an excerpt.


Photos: Shoot2Sell

Photos: Shoot2Sell

OK, I may not understand it, but not everyone likes a loft. Some people want more walls to hang their art, more crown moulding, more niches and nooks. But don’t you want to live in one of Dallas’ coolest neighborhoods, right next to the redeveloping Dallas Farmers Market, close to the vibrant Cedars, and within walking distance of downtown and Deep Ellum? Who wouldn’t?

If this sounds like you, then you’ll adore this townhome at 912 S. Cesar Chavez Blvd. This gorgeous townhome was built in 2006 and is absolutely pristine inside. It has three stories, three bedrooms, three full and one half bath, more than 2,600 square feet, and a tremendous rooftop deck from which you can admire the fireworks in Fair Park during holidays.


2401 S Ervay

There is so much going for this incredible loft. Inside Coombs Bridge Condos at 2401 S. Ervay, it has a laundry list of likable qualities that I’ll just go ahead and tick off for you, dear readers.

1) Excellent location in a historic building just south of Downtown Dallas in the Cedars District. This area has a super-fun and funky vibe thanks to the unique restaurants, artists, and close proximity to some of Dallas’ biggest music venues. It’s also home to a gigantic derby hat on a coat stand, which is visible from the Interstate.

2401 Ervay Living 2

2) This loft is HUGE. Just gigantic. Unit 103 clocks in at 2,624 square feet, which is more than ample for a loft. Not only that, but it has two bedrooms and two full baths. You won’t usually find a loft property that has more than one bath or bedroom. But much unlike many a loft, this property has an entire second living/studio space with access to the outdoors. It’s the perfect solution for an artist who’s been looking for a live/work space but doesn’t want to live in a heavily commercial area. It’s also a great location to throw a few parties every now and again, if you know what I mean …

2401 S. Ervay Studio:Second Living

3) While there are exposed brick walls separating the living area and bedroom, the main bedroom is gigantic and takes full advantage of those huge industrial windows to let tons of light in. Considering size, and location, the finishes in this unit make it a total value at $299,000.

2401 Ervay Living

4) The concrete floors are warmed up with some well-placed hardwoods, which are featured prominently in the dining area. Also, THIS LOFT HAS A DINING AREA. So cool! Also, this place would be a fantastic spot for an art collection. The current owner looks to be a musician or a producer, or perhaps even a DJ. You can tell because this place showcases collections perfectly without feeling imposing.

2401 Ervay Kitchen

5) There is a full kitchen, including an eat-in area, full of cabinets and stainless steel Kitchen Aid appliances. This is a great spot for someone to indulge their epicurean tendencies without having to sacrifice everything else that makes this loft gritty and cool.

2401 Ervay Bedroom 2401 Ervay Bath

6) This unit shares a rooftop deck, which has views of the downtown skyline. how romantic is that? And really, I can’t imagine anything I’d want in a loft that this unit doesn’t have. It’s the total package!

Seriously, what a great loft! Makes me want to head for the Cedars right now!