We were in Manhattan for Mother’s Day weekend, and I had the chance to walk both Madison and Fifth Avenues to about 80th Street, then back to our hotel window shopping with an occasional duck inside to shop. NYC was bustling as ever, Broadway was thriving, and Times Square was wall-to-wall. 

But the retail! So many stores were closed or seeking tenants, I had to write my friend real estate expert and appraiser Jonathan Miller, who I unfortunately did not have time to see:

“But the empty retail spaces! Whoa even along Fifth and Madison! I think I saw one or two every block, and we walked from 44th to 80th. What gives” I wrote in an email.

His response:

“It’s funny you mention the retail apocalypse – I am supposedly on “Inside Edition” tonight to speak to this very issue!  Strolled up and down Fifth with a camera crew last week to explain it for 90 minutes in a 3 minute segment. From 49th to 59th, 1 out of 4 stores are empty.”

Here is the segment on Inside Edition. 


Nicole Barrett at Trump

You know how I believe that Real Estate touches every inch of life? Well, there is no better proof of that right now than Donald Trump. The Real Estate mogul running for President of the United States was in Dallas Monday night and stirred up quite a storm, from the Dump Trump marches outside to the Trump fever inside American Airlines Center. Condo residents at the W and Ritz were told to prepare for downtown crowds. Meantime, I’ve learned that Carleton Varney (did the Stoneleigh Hotel, the Carleton Varney unit at The Residences at the Ritz Carlton) is a huge Trump supporter — Varney lives in one of Trump’s buildings in New York City.  Honestly, this campaign can be brought down in 24 hours or less: just talk to everyone who lives in a Trump-owned building, see how he runs them!


The Stoneleigh Hotel


The Stoneleigh Hotel