Sean and Beth Payton have this yummy beach house on the Gulf coast of Florida in between Panama City Beach and Grayton Beach, Florida. Commenters on NOLA have said he’s fighting to keep it. If I were his wife, I’d fight like hell for it. Hell hath no wrath like a man who comes between a woman and her beach home. Anyhoo, here is the Payton beach house on one of my favorite beaches, Watercolor, near Panama City Beach, Florida. Walk about twenty feet and you are in Seaside.  Sean is apparently super generous with his beach house and it is often loaded with football celebs who get an impromptu game of “7 on 7″ touch football going on the beach that usually generates a lot of Watercolor buzz, especially when Tony and Candice Romo are in the fun.

Payton was the Cowboys assistant coach in Dallas from 2003 through 2005.


Looking at homes in Watercolor, this one is right on the beach and not too far from the Payton’s pad. Because it’s on the beach and ,mere minutes from the Beach Club, this one will set you back about $3,200,000 with 3500 ish square feet, three stories, three bedrooms, three and a half baths, and tons of relaxing porches.

Word is that Candice Crawford Romo is busy as a nesting mom-to-be getting her new baby’s nursery ready for a spring arrival.

And will that baby be able to toss a pigskin with Tony on the lawn of their Cottonwood Valley home here?

You bet: word from a very reliable source is that the baby is a BOY!

More North Texas real estate news. The coach of the New Orleans Saints is not leaving the Saints to join the Cowboys, but he is moving his family to Vaquero, in Westlake,  from New Orleans, according to The Times-Picayune. Sean Peyton apparently has bought (or plans to buy) a home and plans to enroll his children in school in their new Texas neighborhood toote suite. According to ESPN, Payton became interested in Vaquero when he lived in nearby Southlake, during his tenure as an assistant coach under Bill Parcells with the Cowboys.

So how’s he going to get to work? Easy. Private jet. Payton estimates that flying on a private plane is 90 minutes door to door from his office at the Saints complex to the family’s new home. He and his wife, Beth, apparently intend to eventually retire in North Texas. This is the deal Payton wanted all along, but the T-P reports that Saints owner
Tom Benson insisted on the entire Payton family living in New Orleans.

Well, all that is changing. Oh and the Payton’s have a second home on the Gulf Coast in Watercolor, Florida, one of my very favorite second home haunts. (See photo of the house.) Moved in Memorial Day, 2009. I can tell you this: Tony Romo will probably not be taking his fiance, Candice Crawford, to this beach bungalow, like he did Jessica Simpson in 2009. The locals say she was clomping all over the Boardwalk in her four-inch stilettos.

Next up: which Vaquero home is he buying. I swear, Vaquero: Home of the Sports Superstars.  Or maybe, TMT: Too Much Testosterone. Forbes listed it as the most affluent neighborhood in the entire country!