The Katy at Victory Park facing down the opening edge of the Katy Trail

From the American Airlines Center and before even turning the corner and passing over the Tollway, the Katy Trail is lined with new apartment buildings towering over it.  From Victory Place, Camden Victory Park, The Alexan, and the latest — Magnolia Station and The Katy at Victory Park — walking at this end of the trail is something less than peaceful. Bleu Ciel will almost complete the curtain.  I’m pretty sure I can hold my breath long enough to see Little Mexico Village and the Magnolia condos fall to development to completely encase this end of the trail.

Of course these apartments have the manufactured hipster vibe residents have self-deluded themselves into thinking they possess.  Magnolia Station talks about apartments that evoke a “Modern Spirit” or “Vintage Soul” while The Katy at Victory Park harkens for residents who “live with intention,” whose “best friend” is their pet, and who want to “live inspired on the trail.”


Carlisle Parking collapse

A fireman and an inspector are looking to the 7th floor where witnesses of Monday night’s collapse at the Taylor Luxury Apartments say the trouble started, either as a strike of lightning that came up from the quick storm burst, or a wind shear that peeled away some concrete facade near the top of the structure. The Taylor is a Greystar Property and rents start at about $1365 a month for a 600 square foot studio, putting rents at about $2.27 per square foot. Jump for some shots of the interiors — they rock!

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