Katye Sloan has joined Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, saying that once she decided to make a change there was no other place she wanted to be.

“I’ve worked with a lot of Dave Perry-Miller agents through the years and know there are a lot of high-caliber agents here,” Sloan said.

The move is somewhat of a homecoming for Sloan, who started her real estate career in the late 1980s at Dave Perry-Miller’s parent company, Ebby Halliday. She worked there a few years before leaving to run a store in Preston Center. In 2004, she returned to real estate and worked on the Azure high-rise project when the Dallas condo boom was in its early stages.

“It was a great experience because back then, that was a building that was really different from everything else around it,” she said. “It was such a great learning experience.”


The Azure is a building that draws plenty of buyers thanks to its beautiful design and great Uptown location. But how often do you get to see a one-bedroom condo that offers the top three asks for almost every condo buyer? This unit, represented by Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s Jarrad Barnes, is the perfect alchemy of location, accessibility, design, and amenities. 

This Uptown condo easy pick for our High Caliber Home of the Week presented by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans thanks to the unit’s breathtaking design. Plus, there’s so much storage in this unit that you’ll always have a place for everything, and everything will be in its place!

“This unit has been completely reimagined,” Barnes said of Unit 302 at 2900 McKinnon St. “So it is unlike any one-bedroom in the Azure.”


The Azure, at 2900 McKinnon in Uptown, is a luxury condo building with serious amenities — but you don’t need a multi million-dollar unit to enjoy them.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of shaking off the world by valeting your car at your swank high-rise building, taking the elevator up, and eating up the city views as you unwind with a glass of vino. If it sounds luxurious, it is. But it’s not outside the realm of reality.

Take the Azure, for instance. Completed in 2005, this high-end high-rise in Uptown has some of the best amenities, with a glorious pool deck that offers incredible views of Uptown, a fitness center where any personal trainer would love to help you sweat it out, plus a valet and concierge. 

The lobby of The Azure sets the tone for this building — sexy and luxurious.

But you don’t have to pay upwards of  a million to feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury at the Azure. In fact, Allie Beth Urban’s Ani Nosnik has a beautiful one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath unit on the market that costs less than many homes in the M Streets, gives you more security and amenities, and puts you close enough to downtown that you could very well ditch the car when the weather is irresistible (like today).


Deion’s jazzed-up, 5000 square foot plus downtown pad at the top of the Azure changed hands late last month for a cool $4 million. The Hall of Fame defensive back and former major league baseball player unloaded his Prosper spread while the Dallas pad took a bit longer. 

It was only last March that we were quite excited about all the activity up at Deion’s Prosper estate.

That is, his former estate. Deion, as you may recall, sold his palatial 29,000 square foot spread (a most befitting noun) at 1280 Preston Road with those talented folks from Concierge auction. Reportedly, the sprawling estate went for under $4 million.

A very magic number for Deion, $4 million.

Then the buyer couldn’t, um, “perform”.



It’s hard to capture accurate views with traditional real estate photography, but Nancy Guerriero is showing off this unit inside The Azure in an unconventional way.

Just telling you the truth: Nancy Guerriero’s listing on the 22nd floor of the Azure is drop-dead gorgeous. She is sharing the listing with Dave Perry-Miller’s Jarrad Barns and Joseph Gullotto — yep, top agents sometimes share listings across the broker border just to get the job done.

But this one is worth a fifth look. Trust us. We have seen every inch and sipped bubbly from the balcony, even got a little lightheaded — from the view, not the bubbly. Inside and out, this high-rise unit on the 22nd floor of one of the most notable buildings in Dallas is one of the ONLY truly custom units in the building. Beyond any expectations, the sky estate belongs in Architectural Digest. See?

The Azure

The half bath inside Unit 2201 at the Azure is just one example of what a jewel box this high-rise is.

The seller is a design aficionado with impeccable taste. He took multiple plain jane units and reconfigured them to his exacting standards. He brought in the pinnacle of luxury, married it to crisp, transitional design that incorporates traditional shapes and contemporary materials, spending more than two years with designers to get it just right. And this unit is one of a kind: a buyer will never be able to combine all these units in this huge configuration.

There was only one problem: Traditional real estate photography didn’t capture all of the best angles Unit 2201 had to offer. Yes, you see the copious marble trimmed with designer tile, the spectacularly huge kitchen with its mercury glass Ann Sacks tile on the backsplash, oceans of rare Bahia and countertops that surround the cooking areas, a true chef’s paradise when it comes to cooking and entertaining.

What traditional photography doesn’t show us is one of the main reasons you buy inside the Azure — the way this particular building gives incredible views.

So marketing genius Guerriero, who’s co-listing with Dave Perry-Miller’s Jarrad Barnes, decided to do something she’s never seen before: commission a high-rise drone video. The results are worthy of this impeccable mansion in the sky, and pretty darn dramatic TV.


First Terrell Owens, now Jason Kidd. Seems like all the sports studs really love living at the Azure. But then, they leave. Jason F. Kidd just listed, on October 18, his 2607 square foot Azure condo right there on the 21st floor with Joseph Gullotto for $1,195,000.  Not  sure if it has been reduced from $1,595,000, which actually would put it under DCAD value, wowzers, but Joseph’s website says $1,195,000 and MLS says $1,595,000: I could be mistaken.  Three bedrooms, three and a half baths, two fireplaces, formals, decked out kitchen with Miele, Subzero and granite, and FOUR garage spaces in the famous Azure garage. Kidd bought the place in September of 2008 for, according to TMZ, just under $1.5… and for some reason, in their headline, they are calling the condo SICK. (Nothing sick about the Azure, maybe they mean SLICK.) I am going to pretend that is an acronym for SassyInsideCondothatKicksass. Anyhow, it’s still priced at $611 $458 a square foot at that new price, if it is new, a weeee bit higher than T.O’s pad on the 20th floor, which is now at about $450 per square foot.

Oh wait, yes, Kidd’s is on the 21st floor: pricier.

I’m checking something here: I think the theater and exercise room are community rooms, and I know the Azure has a great conference room to use for meetings. But then, wouldn’t surprise me if Kidd he DID have his own screening room. It’s unclear if this sale means Kidd is leaving the Mavs or just hunting for different digs.

Oh, expect to read more Dallas intel on TMZ. Turns out Ebby realtor Judy Steinberg has a daughter, Karly Steinberg, who graduated from Plano West High, who works for TMZ in LA and is hell bent on writing more about Dallas! The other day while we were talking about T.O., I turned her on to DCAD… so get ready.

Transparency in Real Estate, lesson #1.

Oh boy, I know he meant well, but Deion Sanders, who apparently had a lot of water damage to his Frisco, Texas home last week — a home on the market for $21 million –— posted this on his Twitter account. Of course ALL¬† home damage has to be divulged to any prospective buyer, but this just kind of really puts it out there.

Let me ask you this, who did not have any trouble with frozen water pipes last week? I built our house so all faucets are on interior walls, but our outdoor shower, which was turned off, has sprung a leak. I heard at Supper Club on Saturday that one friend was in his attic de-frosting their Rinaldi hot water heater. If anything, we can deduce two things I’ll be covering more this week:

-We need to beef up our building standards in Texas to accommodate future cold weather because it seems our climate is changing.

-The Azure condo would have been a much more pleasant place to be during the freeze. Friends who live at The Ritz did not have frozen water pipes or no heat. The Ritz has a back-up generator. They also had ice-free driveways and a warm garage. Hungry? Call Fearings. Folks at The Azure had a short bundled-up walk to The Stoneleigh to sup at Bolla.

Colder it gets in Dallas, the better and brighter condo living looks!