Gabriel Barbier-Mueller

The Barbier-Mueller family, from L to R: Alexis Barbier-Mueller, Niña Barbier-Mueller Tollett, Gabriel Barbier-Mueller, Ann Barbier-Mueller, and Oliver Barbier-Mueller at the the Samurai Collection traveling exhibition in Quebec City. All photos: Gabriel Barbier-Mueller

Many diners at Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar and passers by admire the Virgin de Guadalupe monument standing outside, a tile-and-brick structure that murmurs the history of the area.

This Harwood Avenue location was Dallas’ first school for Hispanic children, the 1927 St. Ann’s school house. It was located in the heart of Little Mexico, in what is now the Harwood District of Uptown, the signature development of Gabriel Barbier-Mueller, Founder and CEO of Harwood International.

After buying the historic schoolhouse, Barbier-Mueller’s company brought in an art preservationist to refurbish the tile mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe. They kept the original brick school building and transformed the interior into a sophisticated-yet-comfortable eatery in 2010. The second level houses The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum: The Samurai Collection, an assemblage of samurai armor and related objects that is one of the largest and most complete in the world. Outside, the patio is one of the biggest and most lovely in the city.

This is just a tiny part of the Harwood empire, which spans the globe and has offices and developments in select parts of Dallas, Beverly Hills, Sunnyvale’s Gold Coast, Geneva, London’s West End, Paris, and Zurich’s Golden Triangle. But it speaks to Barbier-Mueller’s vision and European sensibilities when it comes to his work.

It’s not “out with the old, in with the new,” but rather a reimagining of space, with a focus on robust capital investment, energy conservation, leading-edge technology, green spaces, and designs that are built to stand the test of time.


I feel like this blog should be sponsored by Southwest Airlines today. Look at this babydoll, or rather what many say was supposed to be the “Baby Mama’s” pad: a one bedroom unit on the third floor of the Azure, 2900 McKinnon unit 307 fresh on the market for… are you sitting down, checkbook in hand? $254,000. No kidding. No wait: $254,900. God, what is $900? One bottle of good wine?

Poor Terrell Owens. His luxurious, 3559 square foot Azure condo upstairs with six parking garages sold at a short sale last November for about $1.4, if you will recall, or at least that’s where I called it.  Looks like a couple named Monsour bought in in early December, and the unit, which T.O. once was asking $2.25 for, is now on the books at $1.425 million. (I called it!) On 307,  Owens was delinquent on a $360,000 loan serviced by JPMorgan Chase. It’s 881 square feet and is currently on the DCAD books for $286,000,  last I looked. Which means, folks, this is a helluva deal. I am out of town right now or I’d be down there with my checkbook!


Once he was the highest paid wide-receiver in the NFL, but now Terrell Owens is facing foreclosure on two Dallas condominiums less than three miles apart. His luxurious, 3559 square foot Azure condo with six parking garages sold at a short sale last November for about $1.4, if you will recall, or at least that’s where I called it.  Looks like a couple named Monsour bought in in early December, and the unit, which T.O. once was asking $2.25 for, is now on the books at $1.425 million. (Dang I’m good!) According to data posted on RealtyTrac, the condos will go to foreclosure March 6 and are probably on Roddy’s. Owens is delinquent on a $360,000 loan serviced by JPMorgan Chase for a condo unit #307, only 881 square feet and on the books for $286,000. Guess that was for his bodyguard or Baby Mama. Honestly, if he owes more than it’s worth, he’s underwater and may be smart to walk. He actually owns TWO condominiums on Commerce Street, 3701 and 3715, but only 3701 will join the Azure at the foreclosure auction. Records show that Owens is delinquent on a $295,920 mortgage serviced by Deutsche Bank for that property. Ouch, maybe: at least that 2223 square foot unit is on the books at $355,000.

T.O. collected homes like diamond earring studs. He maintains a “monster crib” in Lithonia, outside of Atlanta, according to my good friends at Zillow. The home was featured on MTV Cribs and in other celebrity real estate listings. Yeah, good luck selling that one, Atlanta’s market is in the toilet! Remember Stone Philips? He interviewed Owens there in 2004, and talked TO into a game in the property’s gleaming gym.

T.O. did shed the Moorestown, NJ manse he picked up during his days with the Philadelphia Eagles. Zillow says that while in Buffalo playing for the Bills, he tried to be conservative and simply rent a home for the 2009 season. But the owner of the Orchard Park, NY home refused to have him as a tenant. So he bought it.

What’s T.O. doing now if he’s not buying RE? He owns a 50-percent ownership stake in the Allen Wranglers.



This is The Azure

Once again, TMZ is getting more SEO mileage by reporting that Terrell Owens had to short-sale his Azure condo, NOT his Condo at The House as some outlets reported this morning, then duly corrected. I was so confused I caught Bobby Dhillon who is marketing The House, in Vegas to ask him what gives. As I recall, the House was not even being marketed in 2008, and certainly no one moved in until 2009 earliest. Bobby confirmed that Terrell doesn’t own anything at The House. Anyhow, it’s not really accurate to lump all the lux downtown condos in with one another, and Victory has lowered prices considerably, reacting to the market. Despite what TMZ says, Terrell is losing a lot more than $350,000: he may have only paid $1.95 million, but poured a whole lot more into that condo. And, as I told you weeks ago,  my sources tell me the short sale is for less than $1.6.

Oh, and this from the news outlet that first reported he was losing $56,000. Must be LA math.

Last week we featured price-chopped properties in honor of Cyber Monday. The response was so overwhelming, we’ve decided to continue the feast! And now one property has kindly given us an exclusive first-and-only price special that is blowing my mind. The Azure — that’s right, the place where celebs like Jason Kidd and Terrell Owens like to hang their hats –– has reduced its pricing! Right now you can buy a handful of  one-bedroom units at The Azure starting at $320,000, a two bedroom for $495,000, or a three-bedroom for $845,000. That’s not all of the inventory that is left, but a few select units they really want to move.

When new, which I know is no comparison, because we live now in a very different world, these units were fetching close to $500 a square foot!

Methinks that with Museum Tower looming, and the economy kind of ho-hum, the downtown condo market is gearing up for inventory clearance. Stay very tuned…

Well. In light of the way the Cowboys TROUNCED the Redskins yesterday, my good friends over at Curbed Washington, D.C. have graciously posted some Dallas Cowboys real estate news (along with some Redskins pads, gotta be loyal) because they know that not only is our team WAY better than the ‘Skins, so is our dirt!

Looks as though our Boys aren’t the only ones losing on out real estate deals. Look at Clinton Portis: he took a bath on his McLean Mansion, rumored to have a stripper pole in the basement.

Still, Terrell Owens has given up a whole lot more yardage.

I digress: do you know there is a large house in Preston Hollow that purportedly has a stripper pole in the Master bedroom? Anyone who can get me photos of that gets $100. Hint: the house has fake grass.

Back to Redskin Dirt: Chris Cooley isn’t too bullish on Real Estate as an investment — or is he? “I also have about four houses in the area. No chance am I going to buy the 7.5 million dollar house in your brochure, or any house for that matter. Real estate goes straight into the trash -.”

Well, Chris, only if you bought in 2007 in D.C. Should you decide to sell, we’ll ask Jerry Jones to send a Dallas designer right to your front door to do something about that leather counch and, er, coffee table!

TMZ is reporting that Terrell Owens took a bath on his Azure condo:

According to public documents, Owens paid $340,000 for the 2,600 square foot place back in 2006, right after he signed a $25 million contract with the Cowboys.

Owens no longer works in Dallas … and probably won’t ever work in Dallas again … so he put the place up for sale.”

I think they are wrong. Here’s the real story. Owens owns not one but TWO (2) units at The Azure, as I told you way back. He also owns a 2297 square foot townhome at the East Side Lofts on 1st Street. The smaller Azure unit on McKinnon, #307, is on the market for $279,000, price lowered from $325,000. The price per square foot is just over $300. This is a smaller, one bedroom unit at 881 square feet and while he may have paid $340,000 for that one, he bought both props in 2008. Yeah, pre-bust. But the condo he is probably most anxious to shed, and the ONE THAT IS SALES PENDING, is the big mama on the 20th floor that he had listed for $2,250,000 that is 3559 square feet with 6 garage spaces  This 3 BR, 4.5 Bath custom residence on the 20th floor comes with all those garages plus two storage spaces. There are three outdoor terraces with gas fireplaces, downtown views of the Dallas skyline, 10 ft ceilings, a loaded kitchen with built-in SubZero fridge, Miele gas cooktop and double ovens, etc. The Master suite features his-her separate bath and closets, plus a sitting area and private outdoor terrace with gas fireplace. Best of all, the place has not been lived in much. This pad has been reduced to Holy Schnickers $1,600,000, and at that price, brings the price per square foot at The Azure for this essentially Ferrari property down to $449.56. And that’s if they got asking! 

But TMZ is right about one thing: If TO paid anywhere near $2 million for unit 2008 whenever, he is most certainly taking a bath. Not a $56,000 bath but more like a tsunami –close to a million going bye-bye…

Terrell Owens, or T.O.,¬† whose 15 year professional football career has been, well, rather interesting — from brilliant scoring and play (and antics) on the field to some rather controversial behavior, is heavily invested in real estate, Dallas real estate. He has not one but two condominiums listed for sale at the venerable Azure near downtown Dallas. Owens now lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He is selling a three bedroom, 3559 square foot unit with no less than six garage spaces for $2.25 million, and a smaller, one bedroom unit at $350,000.

Owens was released from his contract by the Cowboys in 2009. He went on to play for the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Both of Owens’s units are in the¬†Azure, which was Dallas‚Äô first¬†LEED certified residential building. He was one of the first celebrity buyers — I think I broke the story! The uber modern glass building is loaded up with the developer, Gabriel Barbier-Mueller’s, private Asian art collection (the lobby is pictured). It was designed by award winning, Vancouver-based architect¬†James Cheng.

Owen’s larger unit is a¬†custom residence on the 20th floor, and comes with those 6-car garage spaces — the “G-2”, word play on the “G-5” private jet favored by many high net worth individuals¬† — plus two storage spaces. The Azure has the most generous parking of any of the Dallas high rises, actually the most generous parking of any high rise. The home has three outdoor terraces with gas fireplaces and to-die-for downtown Dallas skyline views. The kitchen features a built-in SubZero fridge, Miele gas cooktop, and double ovens. If memory serves all of the Azure units were decked out with Bulthaup kitchens. The master suite features his-her separate bath with a “tea-for-two” bathtub, and closets, a sitting area and a private outdoor terrace with a gas fireplace.

Now that second unit is a one bedroom, one and a half bath, 881 square foot unit with only a one-car garage, a generous terrace, the nine to ten foot ceilings, vast windows, also overlooking Dallas, but on the third floor. I’d say it would be perfect to buy both and let your bodyguard/life coach/personal assistant live in 305.

Oh! Almost forgot! It must be hard for T.O. to leave behind Deion Sanders, who sweetly mediated a little spat between Atlanta Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Owens. Hall claimed that Owens spit in his face after a play early in the game. Game officials and reporters were unaware of the incident and Owens was not asked about it until his post-game interview when he fessed up, confirmed it. And apologized! (The two made up.) Owens was fined $35,000 for the incident. Sanders’ unit is also for sale at The Azure, unit #3002, listed for $7.5 million but I see the listing appears to be canceled in MLS.

For a look inside the Azure, I found this video shot by Mike Orren, (then) Pegasus News, and just watching it brought back great memories of the good old days in real estate!