taco truckWhat do you do when your seller becomes the subject of a viral taco truck video in the wrong way — and your listing (with your sign) is the backdrop for that video?

One woman’s words with a taco truck owner have apparently cost her dearly — both in reputation and in potentially selling her house.

She was dubbed “Taco Truck Tammy” after a viral video showing her threatening to call ICE on the occupants of a food truck hit social media this week, and Dallas resident Valerie Jacobs’ appearance on the video has caused a monumental backlash from neighbors — and brought international attention to a recorded altercation between Jacobs and the food truck owners.

Jacobs asked to be called by her first name only in news interviews, but social media and other news outlets have repeatedly used her full name.

The incident also brought some attention to her Realtor as well — more on that in a minute. (more…)