Valet Maids

Dawna Boone launched to make booking cleaning services easy, safe and reliable. Scroll for a special code that’ll save you 20 percent on your first cleaning.

For as easy as apps like NextDoor and Angie’s List make it to get names and numbers of local cleaning services, there are still too many to choose from and there’s no guarantee about the quality of service, or worse yet, who is showing up at your door. Dawna Boone launched locally-founded Valet Maids like many other entrepreneurs do — by creating a solution to an existing problem. In Boone’s case, she found it difficult to find a reliable cleaning service that made getting an accurate price quote and scheduling appointments online easy.

“While moving around during my career, I’d always have a hard time finding a good cleaning service,” Boone says. “I worked in public accounting, which requires long hours. I didn’t want to spend my limited free time cleaning.”

Knowing the needs of busy professionals, Boone applied her business acumen to entrepreneurship to launch Valet Maids this year.

“I think there is a perception that to be a real entrepreneur means that you need to invent the next Facebook, when that is not the case at all,” Boone says. “Entrepreneurship is finding a way to solve a problem in the marketplace.” (more…)

Is still there, on the market, looking mighty pretty. I’ve asked around and cannot count more than three showings since it was listed May 20, 2011, but I put a call into Duke over at Allie Beth Allman to verify. Still listed for $24 million. Still $2281. per square foot. 184 days total on the market, six month point. And now we have Mt. Vernon, priced even higher.

If you are looking for something to spruce up your home for the holidays, for showings, or to just draw the eye into one area in a vacant house (you are showing a vacant house? Shame on you!) skip the malls and regular stores and head over to the Scott Cooner warehouse sale at the Decorative Center showroom and their warehouse at 2150 Irving Blvd. Two short days, Friday November 18 and Saturday, November 19 — and you’ve already missed one day! You could grab something so wacky, like this pony lamp, and light the way to your next contract. By the way, I am a huge Scott Cooner fan and downright gaga over their sales. Let’s just say the mark-downs are serious enough to warrant filling your SUV. They are trying to get rid of furniture to make room in the warehouse for more merchandise. (God, I wish I could do that in my closet.) Anyhow, skip the malls, stay away from germs, and get the bargains of a lifetime JUST this weekend!

It is not in MLS, but I’ve heard that Troy is floating the idea of selling the family homestead on Highland Drive now that Rhonda has moved out and up to Preston Hollow. And lest you think he’s smoking something other than brisket on the patio in this market, let me tell you there have already been showings, several showings. Yes indeed. What a home and sale that would be. I wonder who the hip-pocket agent is… I’d guess Doris Jacobs, who was named ABA’s #1 Top Individual Producer. (She does it without a team!) And I wonder how much he would be asking? Let’s see, there are two lots,¬† a total of 1.20 acres approximately, that’s 63,034 square feet plus in Highland Park overlooking Turtle Creek? The home is over 11,000 square feet and the newly constructed cabana is over 1300. And you know the finish-out must be phenomenal.¬† I have the flu, it hurts my head to guess…

Update on 3/23/11: One in the know has advised me that Troy Aikman’s house on Highland Drive doesn’t overlook Turtle Creek but a branch of Turtle Creek called Hackberry Creek by the locals and Google Maps. I apologize for the error.