The Moderne at Linwood is aiming for May 2020 completion date

In January we featured an upcoming condominium project in the revitalized Linwood neighborhood called, The Moderne at Linwood.

After sloughing through the permit and the waiting game that so many new construction projects have to deal with, The Moderne is under construction and blowing-and-going.


The kitchen is most important room in house hunting

700 North Bailey is the perfect kitchen to congregate for Turkey Day

Kitchens.  We’ve discussed this previously but just in case you’ve forgotten, after location, the top three things buyers look for and sellers should focus on when dealing with homes are:

  1. Kitchens
  2. Floors
  3. Master Suite (bed, bath, closet)

If a home gets a “thumbs-up” on those three factors then 99.99 percent of the time buyers are willing to overlook other areas of a home that might be less than stellar.


Magnolia Green

This structure at 1200 Lipscomb St. is part of Magnolia Green townhomes built by Village Homes in 2007 (photos: Bobby Cornelius photography)

There was a time, probably 12 to 15 years ago, when no one would walk down Magnolia Ave. after dark.  Many wouldn’t even walk down Magnolia Ave. during the day. There was no point. There were a few restaurants and shops to visit, but those establishments mainly catered to the breakfast and lunch crowds and were shuttered by mid-day.

That Was Then, This Is Now

It’s hard to believe the best local restaurant and bar street in all of Fort Worth was once a little spooky.  Not anymore.


historic neighbors can be helpful or harmful to communities

It might look historic, but 1935 Fairmount Avenue was built in 2014. (photos: Shoot2Sell)

If you’ve ever had to deal with a designated historic neighborhood, you’ll know that they can be a very tricky situation.

In my past life of working for new home builders, I’ve gone round and round with historic neighborhoods, and we just agree to disagree.  Crack houses and tinderboxes have very little historic value.  However, the “Generica-America” style of homes do not belong in historic neighborhoods either.

Two Sides of the Coin

On one hand, a historic neighborhood designation is there to preserve classic styles and architecture.  Historic areas don’t want production builders coming into their neighborhood and building homes that belong in the ‘burbs.

On the other hand, there is nothing historic or aesthetically pleasing about crumbling homes that have outlived their usefulness and would cost more to rehabilitate than to tear down and build a new home.


It seems like it's Buying Season in Texas all the time

If your buyers are looking to get a deal on a home, ’tis the season.

It’s chilly and rainy season out there!  With the beginning of the cooler and wetter season, it’s also time for the real estate market season to change. I’m not one of those believers in the “things shut down in the fall and don’t pick up until spring,” mantra when it comes to the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market.  I’ve seen too many slow summers and booming winters to believe in that adage.

Home Shopping in The Snow

In other areas of the country with four distinctive seasons, that mantra might ring true.  Can you imagine shopping for houses in Minnesota, South Dakota, or Idaho in the middle of the winter season?  No thank you!

We are truly blessed to live in a state that has golf-playing, shorts-wearing weather about 340 days a year.  The temperate climate allows for homes to be listed and shown pretty much year-round. However, there is a slowdown around November — and it doesn’t always have to do with the weather.


Westover Hills is one of the wealthiest areas in the land

6001 Indian Creek Court is an exclusive listing in Westover Hills (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

How often do you hear of a home that comes with its own village?  It sounds crazy, but it exists.

This magnificent home tucked among the trees of Westover Hills.  We’ve talked about Westover Hills before, naturally, as it’s Fort Worth’s most exclusive enclave of fewer than 300 homes.

You know, the one that was identified as the wealthiest location in Texas per capita income and the 12th highest-income place in the United States? Yes, that Westover Hills.


Is entertaining still a thing with people?

3720 Cresthaven Terrace in Crestwood has a floor plan perfect for large gatherings…and so much more! (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

Do people still host parties and events in their homes?  It seems every listing always highlights that a home “is perfect for entertaining.”  Does that still happen?

When I think of “entertaining” in a home, it conjures thoughts of the doorbell ringing, people kissing cheeks, music playing in the background, and everyone mixing and mingling.

No matter the occasion, everyone always congregates in the kitchen of a home.

Entertaining Home

Let’s assume that parties and entertaining like that still happens.  If so, the right home is needed.

Welcome to 3720 Cresthaven Terrace in my favorite Fort Worth neighborhood of Crestwood.  No question this beautiful home of 4,982-square-feet is the perfect home for entertaining…and so much more.


Fancy Warehouse - new style?

This home has barrier-breaking architecture, says Seth Fowler. (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

I love writing about before-and-after transformations in Tarrant County Tuesday.

Some of the time the before photos showcase areas that were downright nasty and in need of major updating. Other times the home is simply dated or has a cacophony of styles that caused the home to sit on the market for a lengthy period of time or sell for less than asking.

And 304 Crestwood Drive is such a home.  When the current owners purchased the home in 2016 it had various aspects of modern or contemporary styles along with some 1980s Miami South Beach flair.  While those styles are trendy, the home sat on the market for nearly 200 days in 2016 — a year where most homes flew off the market.

A New Style?

Originally built in 2008, this five-bedroom and five-bathroom home of 4,269 square feet that is carved into the side of a hill in my favorite neighborhood, Crestwood.  The smooth stucco exterior definitely leans toward the modern style.

Notice how the home is built gently into the topography of the Crestwood neighborhood

After an extensive nearly two-year remodel project of moving walls, plumbing, and electrical, the home has a new style…I’m calling it “Fancy Warehouse.”  (Actually Ron Carter who did all the remodel work coined the phrase. I borrowed it from him.)

That name perfectly identifies this home.  “Fancy Warehouse” style combines modern, eclectic, industrial, and just flat out cool.  Sometimes photos explain better than words.