Eleven years before this week’s historical shelter was built, the town was a small railroad stop. In fact, Guthrie, Oklahoma, went from train stop to town of more 10,000 in six scant hours in 1889.

That’s right — the April 1889 land run made Guthrie a boom town in less than a day. Because of that, it was designated a territory capital almost immediately, and the state capital of Oklahoma in 1907 (although a short three years later, voters chose Oklahoma City as the new capitol).

The home that is now known as the White Peacock Inn was built in 1900. We tell you all about it over on SecondShelters.com.

vacationAs most everyone knows, we are all about The Vacation over here. In fact, we have a whole other sister site devoted to second homes and vacations.

But today, we’re not talking about the charming abodes of SecondShelters.com. No, we’re talking about uh, something else.

These three hotels we’ve chosen for today’s WTF are um, an acquired taste. If you have acquired this taste, then we applaud your adventurous spirit and love of sodium. (more…)

Wiscasset, Maine, has been dubbed the “prettiest village in Maine,” and for a little more than $200,000, someone will get to live in a cozy, historic Cape Cod nestled within walking distance of downtown.

Built in 1818, this week’s historical shelter is a  three-bedroom, two-bath home that has been updated and renovated with an eye for the history (the home was built two years before Maine became a state) and modern-day creature comforts.

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san marcos

Our latest historical shelter is steeped in Texas history, and its 3,925 square foot main home and 680 square foot cottage are nestled on two large corner lots to offer plenty of amenities at home, plus it’s close to all the shopping San Marcos has to offer.

Known as the Old Storey Home, it was built by James Gray Storey in 1890 in Hays County. Storey was the son-in-law of the first judge of Hays County — Henry Cheatham — and was himself Hays County district clerk, then a captain in the Civil War, then Hays County Judge, and later a member of the Texas legislator.

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san marcos


Just a week after becoming president, Lyndon Baines Johnson picked up a ranch in Blanco County — Johnson City, to be exact — as a hideaway where he could relax a bit.

That spread adjoined another parcel he had already picked up much earlier from an aunt, which is now for sale. Currently home to the artist Benini and his wife, and often referred to as the Benini Sculpture Ranch, the 142-acre ranch is now up for grabs.

We have details on SecondShelters.com.


If you want the best of both worlds  a private, wooded retreat on a lake and the ability to be minutes from everything Manhattan has to offer — we found the property for you in New Rochelle, New York.

Situated on Sheldrake Lake and a 60-acre nature preserve, the home has gorgeous views in almost every room, and plenty of space for entertaining guests.

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Nestled in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana, a five-bedroom mansion built for a man who came west with his brother, intending to prospect for gold, sits ready for its next owner, the one that will update it to marry the history behind the home with more recent creature comforts.
Come take a look at the Dudley Bass Mansion, which offers income opportunity and gorgeous views of the Bitterroot and Sapphire mountains.

Just saying Key West, Florida, can conjure up relaxation and the easy-going life — so when we found this historical home in Old Town we knew that our readers at SecondShelters.com and CandysDirt.com would fall in love just like we did.

This home, which was built in the late 1800s, sits on a corner lot in Old Town — and if you’ve never been to the Old Town part of Key West, let’s just say it’s where all the action is. In fact, this home is close to the historic seaport and Duval Street.

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