man caves

The 19,500-square-foot house at 4105 Hartlee Field Rd. in Denton has multiple man caves. All photos: Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty.

Man caves provide a place for dudes to recharge their batteries after a long day on their jobs, and a space where they can hang out with buddies, family, or alone. Many people say that men have a basic, primal, instinctual need to have a space to call their own, and the man cave fulfills that. They come in all shapes and sizes—sometimes, it’s a shed in the backyard. Other times, it’s a super posh spot in the house.

The folks over at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty have six houses on the market now that take man caves to their highest level. These ultra luxury digs showcase man caves in all their glory, from a full basketball court with airstrip outside, to a ten-car garage created to be the ultimate relaxation space, too.

Read on to get inspiration for your man cave.



We already told you that Elizabeth Mast and her partner, Robby Sturgeon, will be listing the incredible Stubbs House at 6543 La Vista for $1.5 million. Well, I got to tour this home last night at their open house before the Swiss Avenue Mother’s Day Home Tour, and I was just blown away. Just floored!

If you were one of the lucky few who attended the estate sale at this amazing home, you’ll remember how cramped and packed and practically claustrophobic this house felt. It was drowning in antiques and memorabilia, with a variety of Asian art spread across the tables and floors. There was a thin layer of dust and grime on most surfaces, and the chandeliers were dull and sad.

And then Mast and Sturgeon, with the help of their incredible team, completely transformed the home into a show-stopper. Now we understand why this stately Tudor called “The Crown Jewel of Swiss Avenue!”