Hazelwood Drive

Time has been kind to this home. Built in 1960, the bold design of the 4,600-square-foot house still thrills with an intensity that hasn’t abated after nearly 60 years. In fact, time has allowed Japanese maple trees to mature and completely realize the original vision.

The classic, modern Rivercrest residence blurs the boundaries of interior and exterior space. Planters and walls incorporated into the structure, reach out to enclose trees and landscaping. Walls of windows frame garden views and bring the outdoors indoors.

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When a house on coveted Alta Drive with Rivercrest golf course views comes on the market it’s … well, real estate news. Big time. The oh-so-discreet façade of 505 Alta Drive is oh-so-understated old Fort Worth, though it masks a whopping 5,157 square feet of living area and sits on a nearly half acre lot. Inside, prepare to be wowed. This Rivercrest estate is all about the extras. Extras like three spacious living areas and three dining rooms.


1412 Alta Drive

Approaching nearly a year of writing about Fort Worth real estate, I hope I am developing a nose for interesting properties.

I came upon 1412 Alta Drive early this week while making a delivery to a client. Intrigued by the façade, conspicuously modest for this premiere Rivercrest address, reticently hiding behind a brick wall, I suspected a potential trove of concealed bounty. And I wasn’t disappointed on entering, encountering a perfectly preserved midcentury time capsule. The land appears to have been owned for many years by Charles A. Fischer who, with Dixon T. Harbison, founded Harbison Fischer, an oil service company born in the Depression and still thriving to this day. Construction of the residence completed in 1952, and the property has remained in the family until the present. (more…)

4729 Washburn Avenue

You might pass low key, 4729 Washburn Avenue, only one block from River Crest Country Club, without taking much notice.  The discreet façade with the two car garage front entrance out of necessity (no alleys in Rivercrest), extends across the 50 foot lot to claim the maximum amount of space for its interior. And yet the original owners, John S. Justin, Jr. and Jane Justin, were undeniably high profile.

John was the owner of Justin Boots. Jane was a well known philanthropist, hostess and writer of books on entertaining. The house’s prodigious storage housed her legendary china collection.

4729 Washburn

Listing agent Martha Williams of Williams Trew is intimately acquainted with this hidden treasure. Her father, Jack Schutts, was the architect, and her sister, Emily Dunleavy, is the present owner. The subdued front conceals a wealth of richness within and more than 5000 square feet of living. Originally more traditional in decor, Mrs. Dunleavy spent nearly a year and one half reconstructing-reincarnating might be more accurate-  the entire residence in a more modern vein. You are going to need to catch your breath when you see this: (more…)

Alta ext

Defying its high profile location in prime Rivercrest, directly across from the country club golf course, 4604 Alta Drive jealously asserts and preserves her privacy by subtle screening landscape and clever inward-looking orientation on a nearly half-acre lot. In effect, the house is only glimpsed from the street — side view — the main facade concealed coquettishly confronting a private courtyard with attractive hardscape of stone paving and fountain.




309 Hazelwood Front

This home is absolutely KILLING ME. Why does it have to be so dang perfect? UGH. It’s like the seller said to themselves, “Hey, I know we’ve got this amazing midcentury modern in one of the best neighborhoods in all of Fort Worth, but let’s go ahead and put in a family room and kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows that will make every person who ever lived weak in the knees, and then let’s put the hardwood floors on the diagonal because there’s just not enough chicness and character in here.”

Seriously. Dying.

You’ll know what I’m talking about once you see the rest of the photos of this amazing 1955 home inside the haute Rivercrest subdivision.

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