You can’t stop stagers from staging! Table decor was off the charts. All photos courtesy John Bishop: Texas Hill Country Photography

Do you ever wonder what your real estate stager does in between consulting on occupied and vacant properties, writing reports, proposals and contracts, shopping for and selecting just the right furniture and accessories for vacant properties, re-arranging furniture in listed homes that need help, managing inventory systems, packing, unpacking, scheduling deliveries and pickups? Well, I mean, in their SPARE time? (more…)


We all know staging works. However, convincing sellers to stage can sometimes be a challenge. Even though they realize their homes will look better and sell more quickly, some are reluctant to spend the money or take the time required to  properly prepare their homes for sale.  Consulting with a stager prior to putting an occupied home on the market offers information that allows a seller to prepare their own home. If they don’t have time, they have the option of using the stager to complete the work.

It’s common knowledge as well that an empty home holds no emotional appeal. It’s also hard for a potential buyer to to tell the function of an empty room in online photos, much less connect with it. In other words, they are much less likely to hop in the car and race right over to make an offer.  Even in our hot market there are plenty of vacant homes lingering — some for months. People need the visual connection and the spatial understanding that only furnishing a home can bring.

The bottom line for any seller or Realtor is return on investment. Why lower the price point on a home tens of thousands of dollars when you can spend a fraction of that by calling a professional stager who will make your home look like it belongs in a magazine?

The photos of a staged home will bring in buyers who are ready to make offers because they have already connected with that home. Everyone stands to make more money if a home looks great and that’s really the name of the game.  The Real Estate Staging Association has created a handy infographic Realtors can download to help break down the return on investment, which you can see after the jump.


Driving your realtor crazy

Houses are flying off the market right? There’s no inventory. You can sell a house just by putting a sign in the yard. Right? No. The flawless houses are flying off the market. There are plenty that are still just sitting there. Why? Mainly because Realtors are just too nice to say what’s wrong.

Well, we’re not so here’s the dirt!



One of the biggest hurdles for staging is styling a home with furniture without breaking a bank. Some stagers are able to do this with the client’s existing furniture, but sometimes that’s not possible. Of course, you could rent furniture from any of the myriad stores who have that kind of inventory, but depending on how long the home is on the market, this solution could end up being costly.

But what if there was a way for stagers to put good-looking furniture in a home that not only doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, but assembles without an Allen wrench and a gazillion little screws?


This shot really shows off the master bathroom, don't you think?

This shot really shows off the master bathroom, don’t you think?

After I watched this video produced by Lance Selgo of Unique Exposure Photography, I had to fan myself a little bit. It’s one of those really great lifestyle marketing videos that shows off what the good life would look like at on amazing property such as 2626 Hemingway Drive in Arlington. Staged by Keti Abazi and marketed by Kimberly Grogan of Keller Williams Arlington, this home is incredibly hot. Just like the talent. Ay yi yi!


MetroTechies 3.0

We talk about how valuable staging is when marketing a listing, and for Suzy Echols Neal of Nathan Grace Realtors, she’ll get all of the value without forking over a dime! Neal won a complete staging and photography package at the MetroTechies conference Wednesday in Grapevine.

Suzy Echols NealNeal was thrilled to find out she’d won the package provided by the Real Estate Stagers Association, which includes a team of RESA stagers, MLS photos from Lance Selgo of Unique Exposure Photography, and a virtual tour for an occupied staging. According to RESA Texas State President Karen Eubank, the total value of the package is $1,200.

While the package has a price tag, Neal considers the talents and work of stagers and professional photographers as “invaluable.”

“You walk into a home and you can’t quite figure it out, can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know it could be better, that the furniture could be moved. That’s where professional stagers come in,” Neal said. “Pretty soon they can have that house feeling comfortable — feeling like home.”

Of course, knowing and trusting that experts are on hand to make a listing look its best is tremendously important, Neal added. And for Selgo, staging and photographer are the one-two punch that lands big sales.

“Professional staging and photography go hand-in-hand, and utilizing both provides for an outstanding experience for a home seller,” Selgo said. “The MetroTechies event was a perfect avenue for RESA members to partner for this excellent giveaway because everyone that attended was eager to learn. We aim to bring more awareness to RESA and we love educating Realtors about how we can help them on their journey to sell properties quickly and for the highest price!”

And for Eubank, demonstrating the power of staging and expert photography to Realtors is a win-win situation for everyone in the real estate industry.

“As Texas state president and past Dallas chapter president of RESA it’s been a priority of mine to create visibility and credibility for staging. What better way to do that than by supporting our industry partners?” Eubank asked. “Our members are committed to MetroTex Association of Realtors and the Women’s Council of Realtors. We participate in a number of their programs each year. MetroTechies is such a great event. Not only do many people discover RESA at this event, we discover great tools that help our own individual businesses as well as our chapter grow.”