Greg Hague is a Phoenix-based real estate broker and owner of Real Estate Mavericks. He is also an attorney. He is mad as hell at Zillow and “not going to take it anymore.” So Greg has started an on-line petition, that we are including here, in case you want to sign it. There are already A LOT of signatures, at this printing more than 12,000.

We told you about Zillow’s new “Instant Offers” program, an integrated experience which allows sellers to bypass Realtors completely and buy homes online. Certain homes. Instant Offers allows homeowners to receive all-cash offers on line from a group of 15 large investors along with a side-by-side comparative market analysis (CMA) from a local Zillow agent Zillow advertiser.

Many Realtors, like Greg, see the program as an attempt to push them aside, breaking many promises the company has made to steer clear of the transaction. (more…)