Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.

Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.

As you know, today the Dallas City Council was to discuss and vote on the proposed skybridge at Preston Center at 1:00 pm. I’ve just received word from Councilwoman Jennifer Gates that she plans to file a motion to delay the debate until November:

I would like to share with you the motion I plan to make regarding addendum items #36 and #40 (skybridge in Preston Center), so you may plan accordingly. Based on the public input I have received, I have determined that these items need to be delayed until November. I am hopeful that this time will allow us to address the issues related to the parking garage in Preston Center. This motion will be made at the public hearing scheduled for this afternoon. 

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Monday evening saw the latest installment of Councilwoman Jennifer Gates’ Preston Road and Northwest Highway Task Force Meetings. It renewed my belief that the only thing missing from Texas politics are footlights. Molly would have been in hog heaven (versus the real one she’s in now).

I’d describe many of the attendees as being Republican red on the outside and Democrat blue on the inside. It never ceases to amaze me the number of Republicans whose conservatism decreases the closer an idea or action gets to them and/or their home. Let’s call them NIMBY Republicans.

NIMBY Republicans are often seen shouting drill baby drill, big business, small government, no regulation … until it effects them. At which point the placards shoot up from the sweater-on-the-shoulder set. Of course, the kerfuffle surrounding the Preston Road and Northwest Highway intersection is a perfect example.

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