The Lee Trevino estate that we’ve written so much about in the past will soon be history, as the new owners are bulldozing it to start anew and have brought in Highland Park Market Fine Estate Sales and Pre-Demolition Sales for a series of pre-demo sales. The first pre-demo sale took place a few weeks ago and the next round continues this weekend from 10 a.m. Saturday through 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12.

For years we’ve been telling you about golfing legend Lee Trevino’s super-secret $13 million home in Preston Hollow. Back in October 2014, Candy was practically falling out of her seat to tell readers who owned the magnificent listing that’d just gone up by Briggs Freeman International Sotheby’s, but Lee Trevino, and his wife Claudia, were absolutely set on keeping their anonymity during the sale. Once the Wall Street Journal spilled the beans though, Candy and Karen Eubank wrote in glorious detail the many wonders of that Park Lane home, including this room-by-room account of the home’s outstanding architecture and decor.

The home, which has been on and off the market for years, finally sold in May 2019.  Highland Park Market began selling off the hundreds of fixtures, appliances, and salvageable elements of the home before it’ll be razed. You won’t find any golf memorabilia, but rather high-quality appliances, doors, windows, garden, and interiors that you can pick up for an absolute steal.

We’ve selected a few of our favorites and most unique pieces here. Unfortunately, we don’t have prices for most of these items and you have to attend the sale in person to purchase, but that’s all part of the treasure hunt. (more…)

Park LaneWhen you’re looking for the perfect Christmas house, it probably doesn’t come more perfect than the 1939 estate at 4906 Park Lane.

The 4.9-acre property is beautiful inside and out, and is regularly spoken of with superlatives like stunning, beautiful, and exquisite.

In fact, Candy has said it is “one of the most significantly amazing homes in Dallas, and the tops of any ‘Most Beautiful’ list I might create.”

The home has been extensively revamped by Carol Boerder-Snyder and Will Snyder, but with an eye toward beautifully preserving the most impressive original features of the home. There are plenty of fireplaces to choose from for hanging stockings at Christmas, and enough space to easily display multiple Christmas trees, too. (more…)

This four bedroom, 3 bath home at 4069 Park Lane in Midway Hollow was completely remodeled by builder Nathan Draper. Photo: Bethany Erickson

This four-bedroom, three-bath home at 4069 Park Lane in Midway Hollow was completely remodeled by builder Nathan Draper. Photo: Bethany Erickson

So, Midway Hollow, eh?

Mature trees? Check. Affordable homes in several price ranges? Check. Good schools? Check. Healthy, involved crime watch dedicated to reducing both nuisance and violent offenses in the neighborhood? Check. Close to good shopping? Check. Near a good airport but not in the flight path? Check. Plenty of diamonds-in-the-rough to diamonds-in-the-not-so-rough to make your own? Check, check.

Which is exactly why Nathan and Ann Jane Draper of Draper Construction chose the neighborhood. They’re on their second family home here, but a drive through the neighborhood (which is bordered by Walnut Hill Lane, Midway Road, Northwest Highway and Marsh Lane) reveals many homes the Drapers have built or remodeled.

“I comb the neighborhood looking for projects,” Nathan Draper said, standing in the kitchen of one of their most recent at 4069 Park Lane. “We like staying in this neighborhood. Prices are going up, we like the feel of the homes and the neighborhood.”

Draper is also in the middle of a remodel down to the studs with a second-floor addition on nearby Saranac Drive that will sell for the mid $700s. The home on Park Lane is listed at $549,250, and has four bedrooms and three baths. (more…)

6601 Belmead2 Two cute lots are available from LRO Residential, our newest CandysDirt-approved residential homebuilder. 6416 Park Lane, Dallas Texas 75225: lot size 76 x 138. Then check out 6411 Woodland Drive, Dallas Texas, lot size 80 x 141. According to LRO’s blog, “The two available lots are in a great location nestled between Hillcrest and Preston. Both are within walking distance to Preston Hollow Park. This area is surrounded by new construction and has excellent resale value.”

Both lots are ready for immediate home starts, either build to suits or using an LRO proposed plan, which can be personalized. The proposed plans for both homes would include the master bedrooms downstairs as well as all main living areas.

6416 Park Lane includes a downstairs guest bedroom, as well. When you build on those wider Preston Hollow lots, you can spread out the house so much more.

Now if it’s an acre you are looking for to REALLY spread out, Dave Perry-Miller and Ryan Streiff have a magnificent wooded acre right down the street from your’s truly: 6611 Belmead. This is actually 1.039 acres and lusciously treed, located in Hillcrest Estates which consists of secluded, U-shaped Ricks Circle, Wander Lane, and Belmead, which cuts through Ricks. The homes are all about an acre or more, and the area has undergone major re-gentrification in the last 14 years. We even have a $9 million dollar plus house around the corner!  Mark Molthan is building a stunning Mediterranean across the street, while Art House and Susan Newell have projects around the corner. Daryl Johnston used to live here, and the Halloween parties are the best in town. This is also one of the best neighborhoods for security, with controlled access and a neighborhood-run private security patrol program that runs about $700 a year. This lot will cost you $1,275,000.

Yes, I know I sometimes call this Preston Hollow, but that’s only when I’m in a hurry!6611 Belmead 1

Actually, Micky Munir of the venerable Sharif & Munir Custom Homes, Inc. built 9996 Hollow Way, and I have been all over it. It is LOADED and perfect, as every home Mickey Munir builds is. But what I can’t figure out is how all these restaurant tycoons are making so darn much money. I guess you really can make a killing in food. Recall the buyers of the former Heath-Ginsburg lot on Park Lane also was gobbled up by a foodie fam. This home happens to be owned, according to public records, by Jair Cosar, co-founder of the Fogo de Chao Brazilian churrascaria restaurant chain. The Dallas-based company, which currently has 16 units in the United States, opened its seventh Brazilian unit last June in Rio de Janeiro, a new store in Vegas in November and one in Orlando, Fla., in January. The 30-year-old chain was founded in Brazil by brothers Jair and Arri Coser.


One of the most deliciously beautiful estate settings in Preston Hollow has sold. The Ginsburg, formerly Heath (as in BeautiControl) property at 4707 Park Lane closed last week. This hefty sale just may be an omen of what the Dallas spring market will be like: on fire. Actually, that’s a bad choice of words, I guess, because 4707 Park was once the stunning estate home of Dallas billionaire Scott Ginsburg, Chairman and CEO of DG FastChannel as well as Founder of Boardwalk Auto Group. Unfortunately, a devastating fire broke out and totaled the home in 2003.  The fire department had a tough time getting in because of the massive locked gates. Scott lived in an interim house, then he and his darling wife Gina bought 3500 Beverly Drive in Highland Park and the lot next door, in June of 2010. 3500 was the largest and most expensive spec home ever built in Dallas, originally listed for $17.5 million. Scott snatched it up for a wee bit over $11 million.

The 4.66 acre estate at 4707  Park Lane was originally listed at $10.25 million dollars, then reduced to $8.5, then $7.2.
Ginsburg tore down the main residence but retained the guest house (above), tennis court, pool, and 5 car garage.

Ginsburg bought 4707 Park from Dick and Jinger Heath, the founder of BeautiControl Cosmetics, on March 7 of 2000. Ellen Terry handled the sale and it was the most expensive residential sale of a home in Dallas at the time: $22 million. The record was broken, of course, when energy transfer magnate Kelcy Warren snapped up the Lacerte home a little east on Park at 5323 for just under $30 million. That home had been listed for as high as $45 million, listing agent was darling Ralph Randall. Mr. Warren has been busy naming parks and buying real estate in Roatan, Telluride CO and elsewhere, I’m told.

So I know what you all want to know: how much? Everyone around the sale is keeping quite mum, but word on the street is that the entire package went for not quite six million with maybe some other creative thingees from Mr. Ginsburg tossed into the deal — a car, other property? As one observer said: it was the most creative deal I’ve ever seen. Buyers are a lovely family from Arlington Irving who snapped up the estate to build one of their own — he a self-made man who made his fortune in the restaurant business — and to be closer to their children’s private schools in Dallas. From what I’m hearing, the plans are for a contemporary mansion.

The home that burned was a classically styled residence, designed by renown architect Cole Smith who also, of course, created the Lacerte/Warren estate with Orangerie down the street. Designer Sherry Hayslip, tells me it was an incredible moment in her career.

“I was working with an astonishing architect who led us all in understanding the nuances of creating a period building without copying anything,” she says. “It was the real beginning of my learning about classical detailing.”

Some years later, she married that architect. The clients expected excellence, she says, and it was exciting to deliver it. There was also a lot of passion and some hot tempers on all sides but in the end, the final product was a sensational classically detailed house, very elegant. A French architectural specialist, in Dallas to lecture, toured 4707 Park Lane and declared it comparable to a great Parisian residence. The view from the home gazing at the stair-stepped waterfall was one of the most spectacular ever — I’m privileged to have seen it.

Let’s face it: there are only a handful of streets in Dallas that make people drop their jaw when they find out where you live: Strait Lane — I’ve decided to buy my next house on the tip top northernmost stretch of Strait just to get the reaction from people. Park Lane, to some extent. I lived on Park Lane for ten years and many times people asked me for an apartment number, as if! There is Lakeside Drive, Highland (hi Troy), and Euclid, and then there is the Grand Dame of Highland Park Streets: Beverly Drive. Who is Beverly Drive named after, anyhow?

This elegant 1930’s Georgian at 4641 Beverly brings you the best of old world Manor elegance with fabulous new interiors and knocked-out design by interior designer extraordinaire James McEnroe. Past owners include Shannon Murchison and Mark Serrao. The home is on a perfect lot — almost one quarter acre — 3534 square feet with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, elevator (yes, an elevator!) , screened in porch plus an outstanding pool in the back with fountains. It was built in 1940 and to say they do not build them like this anymore is an understatement. Plus, look at those bathrooms: the wals are lined with marble from base to ceiling! There are separate guest quarters and a two-car garage. You really get everything in here — large spaces, classic modern style infused with natural light and clean lines as only Mr. M can deliver.

And now, you get a deal. Or shall I say steal. 4641 has been reduced to $1,149,000 down from $1,225,000 from whence I last posted it. That was in September. This is a great house and with the reduction, you are getting a great deal on your Valentines gift. Enough, maybe, to even buy some flowers!

Oh. Dear. God. I am thankful today for many, many things. But I am most thankful that Stephen Collins of Virginia Cook Realtors shot 4330 Park Lane my way. He told me “understated elegance” — well, that was an understatement! Yes, it looks much less imposing from the front. But once you drive up and walk in, this home will knock your socks off! David Hocker designed the grounds and pool, and agents knock this poor homeowner’s door down trying to schedule photo shoots here. (You can see why!) You get more than 8800 square feet of what I call extreme living: multiple formal rooms, great kitchen, lounge, bar, dining room, bedroom suites, study, an exercise room, two baths in the master and a gymnasium that looks like you’ve brought Cooper Clinic into your home, even a guest wing — yes, I said GUEST WING, not West Wing. Everywhere underfoot are smooth, cool concrete floors and exotic hardwood cabinetry in this modern oasis. If you think life is great inside all these five bedrooms plus seven and a half baths, just head outside. Get ready to be blown away. The pool area is stunning. Almost one acre of absolute symmetry and green perfection.

Speaking of green, this home has been reduced to $3,495,000 from $3,750,000. Swear there’s more than that in the concrete alone. Located on a beautiful stretch of Park Lane west of Rockbrook, it’s Thanksgiving. Get them to toss in that Aston Martin sitting in the garage.

And then, give thanks!