Monte Anderson

On Tuesday night, the Greater Dallas Planning Council honored North Texas developer Monte Anderson with its inaugural Urban Pioneer Award at the Urban Design Awards.

Anderson is the president of Options Real Estate, a multi-service real estate company that concentrates its work in southern Dallas and Ellis counties, specializing in creating sustainable neighborhoods that invite “gentlefication,” as opposed to gentrification.

Here’s a great working definition of “gentlefication”:

Moving into a neighborhood in an effort to reduce crime, create harmony, and build community. As opposed to “gentrification,” which changes neighborhoods by forcing out low-income residents with high-income folks seeking the next hip thing. Gentlefication helps long-term residents take back their neighborhoods, stabilize property values, and build safe spaces for their children and grandchildren.

“The award means a lot because it means people are staring to recognize that incremental development, or ‘microsurgery’, not big silver bullet deals, works in our southern Dallas neighborhoods,” he said. “My approach is to come in and get other small developers and entrepreneurs to come in very early and be a part of the change. These are the people who make it cool, like artists and restaurateurs, and they [usually] end up not owning anything and getting pushed out in the end.” (more…)

Look, just look at this adorable home: 1034 Windomere in Kessler Park, minutes to the hopping Bishop Arts District and within skyline sight of downtown Dallas. Built in 1926, the home has not just three bedrooms but three baths, a two car garage, Park Cities sized 50 by 150 lot, 1995 square feet, character out the wahzoo with arched doorways, moldings, gleaming hardwoods, windows and natural sunlight. And I am just gaga over that bright red front door. This home says happy family, love, sweet nights, fun dinners, memories. Bubble baths. Wine and romance.

I asked Amy, why in the world are you leaving this angel? I threatened even to take down the for sale sign. It is too cute, I said, too perfect.

“We relocated to Las Colinas for Grants run for US Congress in District 24,” she said.  “Although we are very happy in Irving, we really loved our time in Oak Cliff. Bishop Arts is one of Dallas’s biggest gems and is growing fast. The new owner will love the house, the charm and the great neighbors. They will also love being minutes away from the amazing shops and restaurants in Bishop Arts!”

Well, that makes sense. And do you know how much this little angel is priced at? $329,999. Not even kidding. Not a misprint. Basically a car over $300,000. What is the deal? Do we not have the very best real estate in the world? Besides, buy this house that already has one darlingly famous occupant — that’s Amy — and what, just what if her hubby Grant Stinchfield not only wins that Congressional seat he’s running for but makes it to the White House someday? He’s adorable and has POTUS written all over him. I am seeing some serious, I mean serious, appreciation here folks: President Stinchfield slept here. In fact, where’s my checkbook…