Ed Murchison didn’t want to leave Virginia Cook Realtors. They treated him well over the past 15 years. However, when the firm announced it was shutting down this spring, he knew he had to find another brokerage with a strong and deep offering of market support for agents.

“I was really impressed with Coldwell Banker’s suite of agent marketing, property marketing, sales marketing, and all the tools that they had,” he said. “They offer so much it’s almost overwhelming, and they allow agents like myself to customize it.”

Murchison considers himself a “unique bird” because he built his brand on a very specific niche. All of his marketing is geared towards people looking to focus on Midcentury Modern or modern homes. He figures he first fell in love with the style around the time he was born. One of his earliest memories is being six or seven years old riding in a car with his parents and seeing a flat roof, clean-lined home.

“It just drew me in,” he recalled. “Every time we would drive by it I remember just focusing on it.”


Have you noticed the oh-so-apropos retro holiday yard décor in the Northwest Dallas neighborhood bordered by Royal Lane, Midway Road, Walnut Hill Lane, and Marsh Lane in Dallas? Dozens (actually 100) of vintage-style, six-foot-tall wooden trees punctuate the low-slung midcentury modern-style homes in the Walnut Hill neighborhood, recently featured in the Modern Mile Dallas Home Tour. The holiday display is a community initiative that’s cool in its own right, but the story behind the trees is even cooler.


4098 Royal Lane (Photos: Aaron Dougherty)

The third annual Modern Mile Home Tour kicks off on Saturday, highlighting some of Dallas’ most fantastic modern architecture in a single square mile. Get a preview of these modern marvels here and here. And today we’re making it really, really easy to see these amazing homes for free. See how after the jump!


3229 Regent Drive (Photos: Aaron Dougherty)

The 2017 Modern Mile Home Tour is fast upon us! And to give you a little taste of what’s to come, here’s a look at the Modern Mile Bonus Home. Designed by Texas starchitect Arch B. Swank, Jr., 3229 Regent Drive is a work of art with an unforgettable history.

Once nearly lost to neglect and disrepair, a couple of caring homeowners brought it back from the brink, allowing it to become the jewel of this year’s Modern Mile Home Tour. Built to be featured in the 1959 Parade of Homes, this midcentury marvel was originally home to a NASA design engineer present at Mission Control during the moon landing. Talk about space age!

From the spot-on authentic and reproduction furnishings, to the framed iconic Time Magazine covers, the Modern Mile Home Tour’s Bonus Home proves an unending visual delight. As a lover of all things midcentury, I suspect a walk through this home feels like a spiritual journey. An architectural pilgrimage.

However, the magic of this home lies as much in its incredible inhabitants as it does its architecture. Join us after the jump for the story behind this stunning home and its charming occupants. Oh, and a few teaser photos, too.


4098 Royal Lane (Photos: Aaron Dougherty)

Get ready to lace up your sneakers and embrace your burning love for midcentury modern architecture, friends. The third annual Modern Mile Home Tour is almost upon us! This incredible tour showcases a mix of authentic, 1950s-built marvels and architecturally significant modern homes that’s sure to tickle your modern-loving fancy.

Among the stops on this October tour are a minimalist modernized ranch, a Chinese modern that’s an uber-cool swinging 60s pad, a new build, and a party-ready contemporary. And all these fabulous homes are nestled into one, totally walkable square mile. Bordered by Royal Lane and Midway Road, and Walnut Hill and Marsh Lanes, the neighborhood is an absolute modern treasure trove. There’s even a bonus house this year that you won’t want to miss, just a neighborhood away.

Ready for a sneak peek? Hop on over, because after the jump we’ve got eye candy by architectural photographer Aaron Dougherty. House descriptions are adapted from those provided by the Modern Mile Dallas 2017 Home Tour.


Dallas Modern Mile Home Tour | CandysDirt.com

Home tour season is upon us, and we couldn’t be happier. We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s sneak peek from the Dallas Modern Mile Home Tour. Today, we’re bringing you a second one.

“The Y House” at 10209 Rosser Rd. in Northwest Dallas has an unusual shape—thus its nickname. Designed and built by architect Gordon Nichols in 1954, the house is marvelously midcentury, with a low-slung roof, vaulted ceilings with light coves that repeat in a specific 5/5 module, and an inner courtyard and back garden. Visitors on Saturday’s Dallas Modern Mile Home Tour will appreciate the pops of retro color, and organic expansion, which brought the home to 2,435 square feet, but retained the integrity of the original design and overall style.

We sat down with owner Brandon Emanuel to talk about the home’s distinguishing characteristics, renovations, design schemes, and his family’s plans for the home’s future.


Modern Mile Home Tour | CandysDirt.com

As Joanna mentioned, it’s fall home tour season in Dallas. One of the events we’re super excited about is this Saturday: the Modern Mile Dallas Home Tour. It’s a celebration of modern architecture in one square mile, and all homes on the tour are walkable within that area.

The Modern Mile properties are bordered by Royal Lane, Midway Road, Walnut Hill Lane, and Marsh Lane in Northwest Dallas. The area is home to Joe’s Creek with its lush greenbelt, arching shade trees, and wildlife. Some of the neighborhood’s original low-slung midcentury modern homes were actually built in 1954 as part of a nationwide “parade of homes.” At the time, they got national and local attention for their sleek MCM style. Other homes in the area are products of the 1960s and 1970s, and many are intact and renovated for modern living. There has also been a resurgence of architecturally significant contemporary structures built in the area.

We sat down with Patti and Bill Reynolds, owners of one of the homes on the Modern Mile Dallas Home Tour at 10608 Royal Springs Dr. Their home is a midcentury modern masterpiece, originally around 1,600 square feet and built by architect Dave Huddleston in 1957.

They almost doubled its size through renovations in 2010 with Michael Bausch Architects, adding a second story at the rear of the house, bringing it to 3,073 square feet. The integrity of the original house is still intact and the Reynolds were totally respectful to the original design—the home retains its “street scale.”

It’s an excellent example of organic architecture that works within the boundaries of a home’s vintage style and adds on in a natural way. They went to great lengths to do these big renovations and embrace what was already in their midcentury home.


10034 Coppedge Lane is a remodeled mid-century modern featured on the Modern Mile home tour.

10034 Coppedge Lane is a remodeled mid-century modern featured on the Modern Mile home tour.

Want to go to this Saturday’s Modern Mile Home Tour? We have two pairs of tickets to give away to the inaugural tour of six modern and midcentury modern homes in the Walnut Hill neighborhood.

I was so completely elated to hear that Kathy Adcock-Smith and her plucky band of neighbors had formed this home tour, as this neighborhood has always been a favorite of ours here at CandysDirt.com. It’s a hidden gem — just one square mile — and it’s chock full of some tremendous architecture. Heck, it’s so full of modern architecture it drew the likes of Ed Murchison, Mr. Midcentury Modern himself!


Of course, even if you are one of our lucky winners, you can still donate a few bucks to Walnut Hill Elementary School to help build their outdoor classroom. It’s a wonderful cause and a great neighborhood school!

Jump to find out how you can win your two free tickets to the Modern Mile Home Tour!