Protecting Free Speech is Hard Work: Expect More Real Estate Dish From Candy Now That a Trial Date Has Been Set

By Joanna England / December 24, 2012 / 0 Comments

Our embattled Candy has been on blog-lite these past few days, thanks to the Maloufs’ attempts to chill her free speech down at Dallas County Court at Law No. 3 in Malouf vs. Mary Candace Evans, Byron Harris and WFAA-TV and Laura Wilson.

Now that Candy and WFAA agreed to a temporary injunction wherein they cannot step foot on the Maloufs’ property, the parties are not scheduled back in court until September, when the trial is set to begin.

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Richard Malouf Really Likes Water Games, Turns Hoses On Us On Strait Lane

By Candy Evans / October 2, 2012 / 0 Comments

Byron Harris at WFAA-TV is the guy who busted Richard Malouf. He’s got some more info coming down the pike, and we are both watching progress on what I have christened “Water Pic Park”, the massive backyard private water park project Malouf is building over at 10711 Strait Lane. So Friday we met in front […]

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