HoustonSome days the Wednesday WTF is harder to find than others. And some days, 500 people email, text, or message you to tell you that they found the perfect WTF in Houston.

This would be that week.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one bit. It’s always fun when a house resonates so much that people feel compelled to send it to me just for the sheer joy of seeing me react. It reminds me of this Saturday Night Live Skit from the 90s where Tom Hanks and his family had to try the sour milk. Every single one of them.


So here I am, trying your sour milk, along with everyone who hasn’t had the chance to see the awesomely WTF of this house located in the Timbergate neighborhood of Houston, according to the map, and if it’s wrong, please know that if you email me to tell me I’m wrong I’ll probably send you an mp3, gif, or random meme of my choosing and it might not be pleasant. (more…)