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(Photo courtesy The Honor Role)

One of Dallas’ newest offerings in learning about public education locally has quickly become one of our favorites —a podcast lead by Leadership ISD alums Bryan Tony (also the director of public policy for TREC Dallas) and Taylor Shead (CEO at STEMuli Education) called “The Honor Role.”

The podcast, which is produced in partnership with Leadership ISD, is produced weekly, and Tony and Shead invite local experts to discuss everything from career-ready students to what the November ballot looks like in terms of public education to the racial history of Dallas and how it impacts education. (more…)

Photo illustration NPR See this? This is what we should be talking about, but we arent.

Photo illustration NPR
See this? This is what we should be talking about, but we aren’t.

I will be honest – I’ve been dreading this snapshot for the District 7 election. It’s the final one, and every day that has passed has only made me more nauseous when I look at how nasty the Dallas Independent School District’s District 7 race has gotten. It’s gotten bad enough that I’m actually going to move the “my two cents about District 7” feature of these snapshots that usually goes at the end up here, up top.

It’s that bad. And if I sound cranky, it’s because I don’t like having to devote a perfectly good story on what I’m about to devote a perfectly good story on. Very little grinds my gears, but this is one of those things. (more…)

IMG_3389The Bridge Fund has passed, as I noted previously, but what I appreciated in the days leading up to the school board’s vote on it was that it began a serious dialogue about the challenges schools face in providing an education to students of all backgrounds. I think (I hope) that the ensuing and continuing conversations will be about how each school has its own unique set of challenges, and addressing them has to be uniform yet individualized.

But how do you do that?

I got a glimpse into that premise and how Dallas public schools are working toward that a few weeks ago, when I attended a panel discussion on Dallas public schools hosted by the First United Methodist Church in downtown Dallas as part of a series on public education.  It was moderated by former Dallas Morning News scribe (and current Bush Institute editorial director) Bill McKenzie. Two principals and one assistant principal – Dionel Waters of Paul L. Dunbar Learning Center, Richard Castl of Bryan Adams High School and Heather Holland of L.V. Stockard Middle School – spoke about the challenges their schools face, as well as the measures they (under district leadership) are taking to address them. In addition, Leadership ISD executive director Patricia Arvanitis relayed some of the issues her group is looking at in hopes of advocating for the district, as well. (more…)