Preston Hollow Estate

I admit it; I’m hard to impress. Writing about luxury properties several times a week pushes the bar higher and higher. So, when I find a home like this Preston Hollow estate, I’m not just excited to share it with you, I’m over the moon. Superlatives simply don’t do justice to this three-story custom mansion at 9236 Hollow Way Road. It sits on just under an acre of land, and if you need an extra basketball, Mark Cuban is within walking distance, and no doubt has a few lying around. (more…)

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For Laura Crowl, major change started with a birthday.

Laura, a veteran Dallas agent who was previously with Ebby Halliday for 11 years, turned 60. It was a milestone that made her reflect back on a long real estate career and start mapping out what she wanted to do in the future.

“You get reflective,” she said, “You ask yourself, who do I want to spend my time with, and what do I want those hours to look like? I was at a great brokerage firm, but as Stephen Covey says, sometimes you have to sharpen your tools.”

She decided to make the move to Nathan Grace Real Estate. The firm, she says, fits her personality, business model, and client base.

“I paint with a broad brush,” says Laura, “from a $25,000 condo to a $6 million home.”


Marisol Nichols plays Heather Cruz in GCB, a tough as nails (and single) Realtor who’s face is on every billbard in town. I thought she was great and loved her signs. So did the real Ebby Halliday, by the way, who I saw yesterday at a pre-birthday celebration. But you may not know I also got to PLAY a Realtor a few weeks ago for a Reality Show “sizzle reel” that is being shopped right now at the networks. I just wanted to play myself, Dirt Blogger, but the producers asked me to portray a Realtor and let me tell you, it was fun! After covering this beat all these years I think I know a thing or two about Realtors and what makes them tick-tock. A special thanks to all the REAL agents who participated in the Sizzle: Doris Jacobs, Ryan Streiff, Teffy Jacobs (she is so beautiful the producers wanted to create a whole ahow around her!), Myla Patton (adorable!), Callan Harrison & Tracy Glesby, who both rival Marisol in beauty, Brian Davis, and Laura Crowl, who came in right off the ranch.

So tell me: what do you think of my performance?