Dallas City Councilman Lee Kleinman finally sold his Hillcrest Estates home Oct. 28, after two agents and almost three years of marketing and just hours before Elite Auctions was set to auction the home with no reserve.

As so often happens with auctions, a buyer came forward at the last minute and signed on the dotted line.

“Everyone is very happy,” says Elite Auctions Marketing Director Alicia Chmielewski. “This was a pre-auction offer, which means the auction actually never took place. When we take on a property to sell, we won’t take it unless we feel we can get a reasonable price for the sellers.”

And they did. The final sales price was … (more…)

Located inside the exclusive Lake Forest subdivision, there’s not much about this classic Hill Forest Drive mansion that doesn’t scream “high caliber.” Built in 2000, this home received a complete and thorough renovation recently that has made this gem of a listing into the crown jewel of the neighborhood.

“Everything about this home is simply remarkable,” says Debbie Ingram, listing agent of 6917 Hill Forest, this week’s High Caliber Home of the Week presented by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans. “One steps into this home, which is an oasis and welcome respite from the outside world!”

Ingram describes this Hill Forest Drive mansion as chic, sophisticated, classy, and timeless — which is what we expect of such an outstanding High Caliber Home. And the remodel doesn’t disappoint, either.

“A complete, gutted remodel of the home in the last few years implemented the finest in design, materials, and craftsmanship,” Ingram added. In fact, the interior remodel totaled more than $750,000 in upgrades, making this classic Hill Forest Drive mansion an absolute deal at $1.618 million.


12258 Creek Forest extNew listing with Allie Beth Allman’s Keith Conlon: 6944 square feet in the gated, chi chi-est portion of already chi chi gated Lake Forest. Lake Forest Estates. The home at 12258 Creek Forest Drive was built in 2011 by well known Dallas home builder George Lewis, has its own pool and a magnificent view of the lakes at the old EDS campus. (Water views in Dallas? Oh so rare.) But it also has something else that I think makes this house cross a market threshold: you can see the office buildings running up the Central/Forest corridor. They are gleaming and gorgeous, and give this gated suburban-looking home an urban vibe. This home is symbolic of a turn our city is taking: we are a city, and 7000 square foot estate CAN live near high rises, even enjoy their view. Yes, there is a greenbelt, a running trail, an HOA, and the home is sited on a .34 acre lot. But it’s a total lock and leave that never lets you lose site of the fact that Dallas is very much a growing, pulsing city 24/7 even when you live 8 miles north of downtown.

And at $3.8, this home may very well be setting a new pricing thresh hold for Lake Forest. The house next door had been priced at $3.8, says Keith, but this one just has way more jam packed in. So it’s $3.9. $561.64 a square foot.12258 Creek Forest overview (more…)

7311 Park Lake ext shot

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Connie Williamson has been in the Antiques business for years. I first met her when she had a showroom in the Dallas Design District, where I would meander in just to bask in the beauty of her crystal baubles and richly polished wood wardrobes.

She has bought antiques all over the world from her vast travels. Let me put it this way: the private airline people all know her. She has also amassed some of the most beautiful collectibles from local Dallas estates, and sold them to her discerning clientele. While her focus is 18th- and 19th-century Fine French antique (Louis XV and Louis XVI), she also has Italian antiques which she mixes in cleverly with a few contemporary pieces.

A few years ago, Connie took her antiques to her beautiful Lake Forest home to enjoy. It was a temporary move, but like most of us who have worked from home, she found she loved it. Clients could come to her home, if they needed to, or they could order on line. Connie was years ahead of her time. About the time she moved home for comfort and convenience, the online design world exploded.

Now Connie is selling her Lake Forest row home, and it is a treasure trove of rare and stunning antiques, from Napoleon-era Empire chairs to 18th-century wood doors from France she is cleverly using — as only Connie can — as a window cover. Of course the antiques and chandeliers are not included in her home price: $750,000 for 7311 Park Lake Drive. But they are all for sale!