Italian Renaissance Revival

When you feature luxurious multi-million-dollar homes each week over the course of several years, once in a while, they come back on the market. Rarely, but it happens, and this is one such instance. This Italian Renaissance Revival has only had three owners, and it’s a perfect home in a perfect location.

The one-of-a-kind property at 3821 Beverly Dr. was listed only a few days ago by Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Realtor Caroline Summers for $10.95 million, and it’s worth every penny. 


WFAA-TV looked at whose home suck up the most water in Dallas and Fort Worth. Looks like the Former Rangers and Stars owner Tom Hicks takes top spot with his 27 acre Preston Holow estate on Hollow Way Road, behind President and Mrs. Bush, who were NOT on the list. According to the City of Dallas, the Hicks bill was for more than 1.35 million gallons. That doesn’t count Hicks’ private well on his property.

In Fort Worth, billionaire Sid Bass used the most water in June – more than 400,000 gallons for his 20 acre estate. Here’s a surprise: Potter’s House pastor TD Jakes is also on the high water consumption list. That’s probably because so many people are not: after the Dallas Morning News and other local media outlets began publishing the high water consumption list a few years ago, many homeowners, including Harlan Crow and John Muse and others, asked the water department to keep their information private. If you have a big estate, naturally you are going to consume more than the average amount of water, about 7,000 gallons per month for a third of an acre.

Clearly, Texas is in one of its worst droughts ever — Time Magazine says we are ground zero for the worst one-year drought on record. We all need to think more of water conservation. Problem is, most of us landscape with green plants that require water to stay green. Take a look at my Nellie Smiths two weeks ago.