Is there a better way to honor the original bad boy of Dallas than to don a Stetson and some Lucchese boots while showing some of the city’s best properties tomorrow? I couldn’t think of one, either.

The idea came from Scott Carlson, who sent us this note:

March 11 is officially declared as “Larry Hagman Day.” The People have spoken. The mayor of Dallas has been requested to issue a Proclamation declaring it official.

Let’s get the word out and have FUN… Post on Facebook, Tweet, Radio and news station.

Wear your cowboy boots and hats to honor the man Larry Hagman and the legend J.R. Ewing.

“He was the Pied Piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. He was creative, generous, funny, loving and talented” – Linda Gary

Larry loved to have fun and especially loved wearing his cowboy hat… So, let’s join Larry and wear our cowboy hat this special day of celebration. Have fun sharing photos of you and your cowboy hat..

The date of March 11, 2013 was chosen because that is the date on which the current “Dallas” series on TNT will air the episode entitled “J.R.’s Masterpiece,” which is the J.R. Ewing funeral episode. On that date, legions of fans will both mourn the passing of Larry Hagman as well as celebrate his wonderful life.

Beloved by millions of fans, the man who embodied TV’s greatest villain, J.R. Ewing, was largely responsible for the success of the long-running hit TV series that generated worldwide publicity and recognition for its namesake city of Dallas. On this day we will celebrate the remembrance of the native Texas, actor, and a great friend to our city.

If you play along, send us photos of yourself clad in cowboy attire! And Happy Larry Hagman Day! To help celebrate, here’s a poem about J.R. from Scott:

J. R . THE Texan
Rich, smart, dashing.
Death and Life…. life and Death
A cycle ever more!
Transcendence here and there,
To the light …everywhere!
Dallas and the death of J.R.
and our beloved Sue Ellen!
The Life of Larry Hagman and
the Resurrection of a pained City.
Fun…BEAUTY….OIL, Wealth… And Texas Karma!!!!
An ICON to behold!
The Astronaut….with a Genie in a bottle.
And the biggest, best Oil Tycoon
with a mischievous heart.
Gratitude, Love and Blessing’s
To the soul and brilliance of a great being.
A true Texan with a yellow rose delight!
With a tip of our hat,
We say Goodbye and We Salute
…..A man named Larry Hagman
and a legend named … J. R . !!!!
-Scott F. Carlson

These photos appear to be lifted straight from Paulette Greene’s listing for 2504 Beacon Crest Drive. Should the Dallas Morning News have credited the source?

I was reading an article on earlier today when I saw one of those teasers on the sidebar that said, “Check out this Plano mega-mansion featured on TNT’s reboot of ‘Dallas’.”

I had to click, of course, if not only because I am infatuated with the new “Dallas” cast, but I wanted to see if they had some cool photos outside of the ones you saw with your own eyes right here on

Well, they were the same ones, folks. I was kind of bummed! I wanted to see new shots, glamorous people, lights, camera, and action! There wasn’t any of that, and you know what else was missing? A link back to the listing, or any type of credit, for that matter.

So, while The Dallas Morning News is capitalizing on the hits that kind of slideshow will bring in, Ebby agent Paulette Greene won’t see any new traffic from it.

What do you think? Should the News have provided a link, or credit at least?


Far from Southfork, plenty of Ewing family drama was shot at 2504 Beacon Crest in Plano's Willow Bend Country.

Tonight’s premiere of the TNT relaunch of Dallas will afford you a unique opportunity to preview the Plano home where the Ewing family double-cross one another.

According to Cody Baker of Ebby, Mary Jo Pope of the Paulette Greene Group has the listing where tons of scenes were shot. Why was the Willow Bend Country home chosen?

Rumor has it that this particular home was chosen over all other options for the filming of interior scenes because of its wide open spaces, beautiful decor and many amenities.

Pope, who was present for filming, said a family dinner scene was shot in the formal dining room, a scene featuring actors Patrick Duffy and Jesse Metcalf (Bobby and Christopher Ewing, respectively) was shot in the study, and the pre-wedding bridesmaid  scene was filmed in the downstairs guest suite.

Want to see what the actors look like in between shots? Check out these photos of Pope rubbing elbows with the stars!