4242 Meadowdale IHOTW

We lived in a North Dallas Ranch for about four years, but it was nowhere as sleek as this beautifully updated angel at 4242 Meadowdale south of Royal Lane, east of Midway.

Our ranch was on Melissa Lane. It was such a well-cared for home — one owner and the owners even gave us a second mortgage, that’s how great they were — I couldn’t bear to tear out the boomerang Formica in the kitchen. It was flawless. The terrazzo floors kept the house cool in summer, as did the generous overhanging eaves that shaded the long porch. We replaced aluminum sliding glass doors with French doors, got rid of the planter boxes, painted and resurfaced. Of all the homes we lived in,  4307 Melissa was probably the best built. Very few problems in that house. It was built like a brick #*&!house, to use one of my favorite Realtors, Hunter Dehn’s, phrases.

So, too, is 4242 Meadowdale. Even better, this home has been updated to a smooth, sleek 2015 style of living with expansive rooms. A spacious dining room opens to the living room with tons of light, and the open kitchen offers brand new stainless appliances as well as views of the large backyard. The lot is a whopping .38 acres. That is actually the perfect size, big enough for a patio, pool and some play yard space for the kiddos.4242 Meadowdale kitchen4 (more…)

5127 Amherst IHOTW

I am so into charming, chic cottages this week. Perhaps it’s the weather — these cottages remind me of Maine and cooler temps. This little Briarwood charmer caught my eye because of the picket-fence appeal, the “adorableness”, and the great landscaping. Lo and behold, turns out the home is owned by a landscape designer. No wonder everything looks so perfect.

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You walk right into 10225 Betty Jane Lane in North Dallas’ Walnut Woods, sit right down, and baby let your hair hang down. (The Rooftop Singers, 1963.)

This house is so very vintage 70s I am having childhood deja vu just from the photos! You know how you always revert to childish ways when you are around your parents, even if you are like, say, a grown professional (man) and they are like 85? Same thing happens when you walk into a home that LOOKS like your childhood home! Where are my culottes? (more…)